1. 4ze2ro0

    Wont run without peddling

    Jus finished my first build....and been having issues since day the problem is I can't get it to run...ill get up to 6mph pop the clutch while peddling and it'll start running but as soon as I stop peddling the engine bogs out and dies..even giving it gas dose nothing...I've got an 80cc...
  2. W

    4 stroke engine question

    I just installed a 49cc 4 stroke engine onto an old mtb I picked up. This is my first 4 stroke and I'm wondering how to fill it up with gas. The engine has a dipstick for oil, so does that mean I don't need to make a mixture? Just add oil in the dipstick and gas in the tank? When starting I...
  3. J

    My clutch won't engage.

    I have an 80cc engine on my bike. Well about a week ago I was on a beautiful ride. I came up to a park that only had one path and got behind a maintenance golf cart. He was putting along pretty slow. So I cut through the grass and beat him around the corner. I rode out of the park and made it to...
  4. B

    Question about usability

    So, I have a build planned, that will use a 500w rear motor, a 250w front motor, and a KTM50. My question is about the KTM50, since I've been reading lately and it seems like it is a complete un-tamable monster of an engine, and getting it to be able to cruise around in is difficult to say the...
  5. M

    Newby Gas Question

    Hi there, Just purchased a pre-built 80Cc motorized bicycle off craigslist. The lady whom I had bought it from had had about half a tank in it already, so I didn't put in the first tank. When It came time for me to put in the first tank, I went to the gas station and purchased a 1+ Gallon...
  6. TheNecromancer13

    Where to get a cylindrical gas tank?

    I'm looking for a good quality cylindrical gas tank that I can use on my 125cc lifan build, preferably holding about 1 gallon. Anyone know where to get one?
  7. M

    Fuel tank sizes?

    I am thinking about getting a larger fuel tank, which will help me not worry as much when going long distances, and I won't have to fill up as often, but I am currently getting about 25 miles per fuel tank (I believe I have a 1.5 liter fuel tank on my bike). So, I was wondering, are there any...
  8. M

    How to know when broken in? Fuel ratios?

    I probably have about 30-40 miles on my bike so far, and have been using a 20:1 gas to oil fuel ratio with non-synthetic 2 stroke oil, I don't know if it is meant for air cooled engines or not but... don't know if that matters but I'm sure it helps. Anyways, I wanted to know how do I know if my...
  9. M

    How do I change fuel tank?

    How do I change my fuel tank without fuel spilling everywhere when I take off the fuel line/ petcock, even if I turn of the flow of fuel on the petcock, there will still be fuel in the line running into the carb, how do I go about doing this?
  10. S

    new and looking to buy!!

    hello I am a new motor bicycler and I am very interested in buying/selling/trading these parts and accessories. currently looking for some gas engine kits email me with any detailsdance1dance1
  11. J

    2 cycle oil engine teardown wear tests

    if you can think of a better title let me know, want to start a sticky about amounts of engine wear after te1ardowns of using brands/types of oil at a given ratios. basically evaluating oil quality, I know it isn't practical to do a good side by side test with all the possible combinations, and...
  12. G

    Reclaimed from the junkyard!

    I am fed up with the kit supplied peanut tank, looks cheap and store-bought! (I think I actually just read that somewhere recently) I took a trip down to the local motorcycle salvage. After speaking with the owner and finding the smaller fuel tanks, I chose this one It belonged to...
  13. C

    Help - Help Me Get Motorized

    Hello and thank you for reading and possibly helping, I am attempting to motorize a bike to get to and from a job, that's about 15 miles from where I live and though I've watched many videos on youtube on how to install the motor kits, I am very new to the world of motorized bike kits, though...
  14. C

    gas guzzler?

    i filled the half gallon tank a few days ago, and since have gone maybe 20 miles probably alot less. but the tank is almost empty. the only thing i can think of that is unusual is that i had the fuel valve pointing in the opposite direction from on, i thought this was also on. why is my engine...
  15. R

    Attaching a gas line/tank

    Hi Everybody; I'm new here and this is one of my first builds. I'm using a 42cc chainsaw motor, and I was wondering how to run a hose from it's small, built in gas tank to the frame of the bike where I could attach some other type of tank. right now, the gas cap is on the side of the engine...
  16. miked826

    49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Felt MP

    Selling for $3499. Yes it costs a lot but, to my horror, the parts cost alone exceeded $4000. The price spiraled out of control when I added the electric components to this already existing gas bike. This bike can run off either batteries alone or gas power or both simultaneously, as well as...
  17. miked826

    Hybrid 49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Bike 4 Sale.

    EBAY LISTING $2499 ENGINE IS NOW 97CC$_57.JPG This bike is a one of a kind project started about 6 months ago. Originally a 2012 Felt MP beach...
  18. M

    Staton chain drive tanaka 40cc build!!

    I got a Powered pedals Bike
  19. A

    LEAKY CNS carb

    so i had to make a custom intake manifold for my caburator to be offset to one side.. the carb is perfectly level and leaks out of the air intake port as well as the overflow. The bike frame is always wet and the bottom of the air cleaner box always has a few drops of gas hanging on it. ANy...
  20. DuctTapedGoat

    Using Oil Jugs For Gas : No Opinions - Only Experience.

    Hopefully the title will keep the riff raff out of this, but I doubt it. To start, for the record : I am aware that oil containers are in HDPE 2 plastic. This is what milk jugs/laundry detergent containers/plastic gas cans are using. Milk jugs are too thin and most people only have experience...