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    Hi there,

    Just purchased a pre-built 80Cc motorized bicycle off craigslist. The lady whom I had bought it from had had about half a tank in it already, so I didn't put in the first tank.

    When It came time for me to put in the first tank, I went to the gas station and purchased a 1+ Gallon canister and had it filled mostly all the way. At first I had filled the tank up with way too much, so I had to empty some out. I then poured way too much oil into it, and long story short, had to walk my bike home.

    When I got home, I let the tank drain.

    So my questions are;
    was tank draining the right call?
    Is there anything else I should doin addition to tank draining?
    Lastly, for future tank fills, I've heard mentions of 16:1 or 32:1 (32:1 generally being the consensus) what unit is this in?!?
    32 liters of gasoline to 1 liter of oil? I realize that must be an incredibly dumb question but cannot figure out the answer!

    Thank you!
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    Do not mix the gas and oil in the bike's tank. That should be done in a separate container and the mix should be shaken after mixing the two ingredients. Mixing in the tank will usually result in the oil settling to the botttom and ultimately into the carburetor. That is what you want to avoid happening.

    Do a search here for proper 2 cycle oil mix ratios. It is generally accepted that a 24:1 down to a 32:1 mix will give you the best performance. That means 24 parts gasoline to one part oil or 32 parts gas to one of oil. "Parts" meaning any unit of measure that you use.

    Use a good quality oil formulated for 2 cycle air cooled engines. Lots to read here on that subject too. Our 'Search' feature has a wealth of information on any subject associated with motorized bicycles..

    Good luck.

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    Just go ahead & use a 32:1 mix... (6oz of 2-cycle oil & 1-gallon of gas)

    & as Tom said above, remember to shake it well before filling your tank with it. ;)

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