friction drive
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    Directrunner DR1L motorized bike kit featuring CVT DR1L utilizes patented continuously variable transmission (CVT) for direct drive. CVT provides uninterrupted torque changes even operating at max. power and torque. Highest to lowest ratio of the transmission is 2:1. Direct drive used in DR1L has a minimum...
  2. 2

    BBR Tuning 49cc friction drive on a foldable bike

    I am aware it has been done but the post about it on this site was with a Staton kit. That’s more expensive and not on amazon. Would it be possible to install it and it still be foldable? Engine kit on amazon...
  3. J

    Florida to new Mexico

    Wanted to start a thread about going cross country. I'm not real good at telling lies or writeing them, I'm going to try Too learn how to upload some photos any help would be appreciated. I have been around lurking since I got the internet. Well I started a cg but have moved to friction drive.
  4. Y

    Predator 79CC FRICTION or OTHER motor need help from the pros

    Hello there, I am new to gasoline powered bikes, Years ago i built a Lithium brushless, but got out of it. I just want to cruse on a motorized bike, simply and not get too involved. Speed doesn't matter just a little engine roar, ill be pedaling the whole time as well with it. System must be 4...
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    400lb rider needs 1.75" or 2.0" Friction Drive Roller

    I am currently riding a Stanton Inc friction drive kit with a 1.34 " drive roller with a 63cc kasei 2 stroke.. I just don't get enough top end with this size roller and I have been using jb qwik to increase the diameter of the roller.. i am topping out at about 40mph which is perfect.. but...
  6. L

    Friction drive kit questions

    Hello everyone i had a question for anyone who can touch up on the subject. Im new to 4 strokes and im buying this from bike berry soon. This is my first 4 stroke and my first friction drive and i was woundering what i can do to improve the size of the tank as well as keep my tires from balding...
  7. L

    Bike berrys four stroke friction drive...any good?

    Hay has anyone bought a friction drive 4 stroke kit from bike berry? What are your thoughts on it? Im primarily wanting one from a 2 b without much trouble. I was gonna buy a scooter from a buddy of mine but it aint working out. He wont contact me so my next option is a 4 stroke kit. Any thoughts?
  8. L

    Honda GX 35 gas cap falling off due to vibration?

    I'm talking with someone from Craigslist who is selling their motor bike with a friction kit and Honda GX35 engine installed on it. They are offering to sell the bicycle, the engine, with the friction kit for $170. It's a no brainer if the engine works! The issue is, there's no gas cap (fell...
  9. L

    Is there a best bicycle for a Friction Drive setup?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on getting my first motored bike. I'm thinking that a Staton Inc Friction Kit and Honda GX35 will be best so far. I'm just not sure about the actual bicycle to get. Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  10. A

    WeedWacker Friction drive help?

    Hey there guys, i recently got interested in friction driven bikes from youtube, watching bunch of cool videos. Eventually leaning and reading more on forums such as this one. So i decided to buy a weedwacker from ebay for cheap. I finally won a bid on a ryobi 26cc 28120. Got it mounted and...
  11. T

    [SALE] 50cc GT50R "CAG" Engine + RT Carburetor

    I am asking only $125 for this low-mileage (about 130 miles) CAG-style pocket bike 50cc engine. I purchased this from Thatsdax a couple years ago when they were still selling their hopped-up GT50R's. This engine produces around 4hp and comes with a tuned carburetor and extra jets. It comes with...
  12. T

    Is this kit Good, Bad, or ugly?

    I have been looking around for a reliable kit that is not going to be always breaking down. So what does everyone think about this kit ( )? Has...
  13. Wickedest1

    kids occ fd bike

    not gonna do a lot of cross posting but figured some of you stretch guys don't visit the diy section, so heres my cross post: thanks for looking feedback, questions concerns and comments ALL welcome
  14. L

    Friction drive: Tire diameter, does it matter?

    My brother has a 700C fixie and it's tire is much bigger than mine. Our motors are the same, both of us has the same expansion chamber exhaust, and both of us run stock carbs on stock jets, and he goes a full 4 mph faster than I can. I believe it's the bigger tire, at the same rpm his bike rolls...
  15. G

    My first 4 stroke (or How I Learned to Stop Tinkering and Love Simplicity)

    I am abandoning my 2 strokes in favor of a 4 stroke. I just ordered a Honda GX35 with a Staton Friction Drive kit. After much research I have come to the conclusion that this will be a nice daily driver for me. I plan to put it on my Micargi Rover (replacing my 2 stroke China girl). It won't...
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    My new friction drive!!!

    I recently ordered a Bumble Bee Bolt On and it came in the mail yesterday. So this morning after I put my kids on the bus I cracked open the box and started installing it on my Raleigh 21 speed road bike. Fifteen minutes later I was done. I was shocked!!! It took me longer to go get gas and mix...
  17. Fonzz

    2 Friction Drives Compared

    Hello motor bike enthusiasts :) I am planning on adding a friction drive to my Electra Street Rod, choosing to go this route for simplicity and reliability. I was darn near ready to just order a friction kit from flmotorbikes until I saw the kit from dax. I have already decided to go with...
  18. WaterDog

    bike peg mounting to motor shaft (friction drive)

    How exactly do you connect a bike peg to the motor shaft? I understand the concept, I just don't see how you can connect them. I'm using a weed eater 25cc motor and I have the basic design down. I just need the roller now. Any advice would be helpful. Thx
  19. WaterDog

    What brand of engine does weedeater use?

    Im looking to buy a 25cc weedeater brand weed wacker and use the motor for a friction drive. Im trying to figure out what brand of engine they use. Basically i need to know if that brand will fit the various friction mount kits or if I am going to have to craft my own kit. Thanks!