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  • Thanks for the advice. I'd actually used a glue-gun to seal the wire-port, alas it was unsuccessful. I don't have fenders on the MB, but actually just got some monster ones delivered today. I hadn't dawned on me until I removed the fenders from their box that a front fender would actually help in protecting the engine from water...DUH!!!
    I was pissed off though; I SPECIFICALLY tried to assure the seal on the mag-cover and wire-hole were water-tight. I only got around to fixing it this afternoon, and sure enough, water pissed out of the mag-compartment as soon as I loosened the bottom-left screw. There's GOTTA be better way to seal these damned things up.
    Hey man, I got a laugh outta your snow-riding vid. I was on Long Island for that storm, and took my MB out durring it (first time in snow). My nice big nobby tires held up well. I was back in Bridgeport Wednesday and made my rounds to check in with friends. On a whim, I headed up to Derby to one of my hang-outs but no one was around. So as soon as I start back for Bridgeport, it starts raining...raining HARD. I was on Bridgeport Ave. in Shelton when I decided it prudent to take the fastest route home so I took a chance and hopped on Route 8. It was about 1AM, so traffic was super light. Well, I got as far as the Bridgeport boarder when my engine died, I knew it HADDA be my mag-coil. I ended up pedalling the two miles home. I was "lucky" though; I had an extra coil. I actually threw it in my backpack when I left Long Island thinking "I won't need this, but ya never know".
    did you get my email? if you call I'll use the number to send you some pics of the whizzer
    Hey Wickedest! Connecticut in the house! I live in Bridgeport, and spend a lot of time on Long Island (family). I take the bike on the ferry as they don't charge me extra. Moto-biking isn't exactly legal in NYS, but the cops have never given me crap about it.
    if you ever get another chinadoll follow this little bit of advice, before you even install the motor, pull the head and jug off the motor and clean out the case with carb cleaner, i found casting sand in all of the motors ive built. clean em up a bit, clean out the ports of rough edges, if it makes it threw the break in, as long as you keep her oiled, she will last a while.
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