1. S

    4 Stroke engine muffler issue.

    So I'm trying to put the exhaust on and unlike the engines in many of the tutorials I see, there are these stock bolts that comes out. I'm not sure if I can remove them. Edit: HuaSheng 49cc 4 stroke engine
  2. C


    When my bike backfires it shoots flames!!! Is there a proper way to make it do it whenever I want because it's really cool?
  3. S

    Bicylce-Engines expansion chamber

    http://www.bicycle-engines.com/Fat-Cat-Chrome-Expansion-Chamber.html Hey everyone, first post!: i just bought bicycle engines chamber and i wanted to know if theres any tuning involved (and how) or if its just a slap on and go kinda thing. I guess im considered a newbie. I have a...
  4. S

    Bicylce-Engines expansion chamber

    http://www.bicycle-engines.com/Fat-Cat-Chrome-Expansion-Chamber.html Hey everyone! First Post: I just bought this pipe off of Bicycle engines and i wanted to know if its a slap on and go kind of thing or if there are any "tuning" steps i need to do.
  5. Chaz

    Something actually worth checking out

    I ran across this video which demonstrates the difference in sound level between a regular expansion chamber and a belly bleed approach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsQ_mRrqrTs
  6. TheNecromancer13

    Pop rivet torque pipe?

    So the cost of having someone weld me a torque pipe is prohibitive, but someone suggested that I make one using pop rivets, cold forming with a hammer and anvil, and high temperature sealant. Anyone tried this before? Anyone think it would be a waste of time and fail horribly?
  7. C

    daydreaming about a mini turbo

    I came across a really small turbo online and I started to think about an expansion chamber that is tuned to eliminate as much intake blow-by as possible, theoretically possible? I run a 48cc silverjet w/ angle fire head turbo's links : http://www.ihi-turbo.com/turbo_RHE-RHF.htm...
  8. Patchy

    Question about expansion chamber size

    Just to check, you want an expansion chamber to be around the same volume as the cylinder/head/intake right? If you have an expansion chamber larger than said volume does it lesson the effectiveness of the chamber? Or is this not a concern? I only ask because I stumbled upon an old thread...
  9. Davezilla

    New Pipe Build

    Ok, I knew it was going to happen eventually, just didn't expect it to happen earlier today but my modified pocketbike pipe broke off at the lower mounting tab. I was going to just weld the tab back on and carry on with breaking in my newly built engine but once I saw just how thin the metal was...
  10. H

    attaching muffler-round to a square hole?

    hi, I am new here and this is my first post. I have a Huffy cruiser with a 66 in it. today was the first day I was able to actually ride it. 1st lesson learned...take everything apart and reinstall using threadlock! lol. she ran like a banchie after I got the gas/oil mix right. Too good! upon...
  11. J

    Nirve fifty five 'skulls' build

    Picked this up last week after I had been on the look out for ages for a Nirve or Electra to motorize for my second build. First thing is to make some offset engine mounts to clear the 3" fat rear tyre, here is the rear, just need to find a piece of billet for the front. Going to do a...
  12. massdrive

    New Twist On Banana Pipe

    I sat on a stool in my garage next to my bike for a spell each day for 2 weeks trying to figure how to mount my banana expansion chamber. I didn't like the standard down sweep between the peddles. I wanted an up sweep exhaust keeping the expansion chamber as close to the header as possible. I...
  13. T

    exhaust gasket keeps blowing out

    I have an issue with the exhaust gasket keeps blowing out I replaced the stock studs with Allen head bolts I am using the voodoo expansion chamber exhaust, I put lock tight on the bolts and tightened the bolts until they wouldn't go any more and they are not bottoming out either , I guess my...
  14. JaxInsany

    Stock Muffler Addition!

    I got the idea from these very forums and all the sick exhaust setups I have seen posted here! I threw some stainless steel water heater flex piping on the end of the stock muffler and added a little 2 stroke Briggs and Stratton muffler onto the end of it all! In the photo's and video it is duct...
  15. Noxuz

    3 Third build cannondale 24" rear 26" front

    Watch this out guys..... btw i have a huge problem, i cant tighen the exhaust pipe because the holes in the motor where the pipe nuts go is totall destroyed, i cant screw anything. and the pipe just bounces and dont freaking works in silencing and makes a **** of a noise.... btw2 i have noticed...
  16. S

    Performance Exhaust/Sprocket?

    So im thinking about ordering a performance exhaust as my first upgrade for speed...which one do ya'll recommend? Im new to motorbikes... http://speeddemon.ca/motorized-bicycles/parts/expansion-chamber-muffler-black.html or...
  17. shwnrttr

    flex pipe for hausheng

    anybody know if this would be a good exhaust for a hausheng?it says 1'' wonder if it would fit snugg over the stock 7/8'' pipe? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-1inch-corrugated-stainless-steel-tubing-csst-flexible-gas-tubing-per-foot-/140621600072
  18. shwnrttr

    2 stroke pipe on huasheng?

    i was wondering if my old 2stroke pipe would bolt up to the huasheng? would it be the right diamator? i think its 7/8''
  19. Das Chicken

    Leaking exhaust gasket

    My 48/49cc two stroke HT engine's exhaust gasket is leaking. The whole front end of the engine is saturated in oil (not the top though). Whats rust? It even decided that it would be a good idea to spray scalding oil on my leg (felt like a bee sting). I am using a self port-matched METAL gasket...
  20. M

    New exhaust i've never Seen!

    So i came across this exhaust system in my Frantic searching after my Modified pocket bike exhaust ''Expansion chamber'' cracked at the header, Due to my bending it too fit by force no map gas lol So i went on a search for expansion chambers and since last time i bent the header too fit, it...