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  • Thank you for the call, I'm sorry I had to cut it short. This bike was first built for testing and I was going to build ground up for the record attempt. It has worked so well and proven to have excellent power transfer, be rigid, stable, and relatively light. I now plan to weld on steering stops, steering dampener mounts and run this frame pretty much how it is. The rear motor mount bolts have broken three times even with 10.5 hardened bolts. The current angle and set up seems to work. Needing to keep the motor low I may end up shaping the cases to sit right against the tubes. Logic tells me to develop the 3 speed fixed hub that Cannnball2 on this forum has done. The purist in me thinks if everything is perfect I can break the record with the single speed direct drive. Soon I will try a 21 tooth rear to see if it is possible with a big effort pedaling off the line. Thanks for the info and I will be in touch, hopefully with some orders or at least progress.

    Lee Wommer
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