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  • Hey there NR, I'm still using the nt speed carb with stock jet. I'm leaving the jet in because I will be putting on an expansion chamber so I'm hoping it will work out.

    Anyway it sounds like your air/fuel is a little bit too rich. You can change jets or alter your muffler to make it flow a bit easier. I'll look through one of your threads to see what you have going and let you know if I get any ideas. Cheers forum pal
    Hey Chaz, im having some problems with my engine 4 stroking. It's a short stroke engine, and im running 35:1 ratio. It's liking to 4 stroke at around 25 mph, much like yours, and idk what is going on with it. any help or advice is appreciated.
    You are very welcome. Good to know you have some experience so all should go well for you and stay ahead of those gators!
    hi Chaz, I hope all is well with you. I was wondering if you had any luck finding your shift kit?

    my engine mounts are done, and I should be picking it up tomorrow. I hope to try run it later this week.

    Hey Lorne, thanks for the note. Yeah, I'm up for that. There seems to be a few guys in our area so we should try to get a gang together for a ride and meet. I should be breaking in a new motor tomorrow so I won't be ready for riding real soon but I'm up for it. best regards,

    Hi Chaz.
    was just goin thru some old posts of mine after not being around in forever.
    and noticed that your from Vancouver as well... well, im in Coquitlam, but close

    was wondering if you would like to chat and exchange experiences with the china-girls...
    possibly setup some rides??

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