What problems will i have if i buy a $100 eBay China Girl?


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Jan 11, 2015
Is buying a kit from ThatsDax worth the extra $100-150 dollars? What kind of issues do eBay ones have? will engines from ThatsDax have significantly less vibration?

I not actually buying this to put on a bike. I am building a very compact compressor. I thought these very small 2 stroke engines would be perfect with proper gear reduction.

Do you think i would be able to buy a kit from ThatsDax without the chain/chain cover/ handle grips/ large sprocket/ etc. for less money since i have no use for them? he seems to be more in touch with his customers so maybe i can get a deal, i dunno.


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Jul 29, 2012
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It definitely is possible to buy merely an engine from at least some of our sponsors here. I don't know if Dax is one of them or not. Last I knew you could get one for about 90 bucks.

I understand that Dax does market an upgraded engine. But I don't know a thing about it. Though that guy has shown himself to have a professional attitude. I'd be inclined to trust his products. But I don't know if it would be superior for your particular application or not.

I suspect, though, that if I were building a compressor I'd simply buy the cheapest motor I could find. I'd mount it securely and would feel pretty confident that vibration wouldn't be a big problem.


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Sep 15, 2008
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Not sure a motorized bicycle engine will lend itself to what you want to do with it. Especially any of the unshrouded 2 stroke engines. They are air cooled and rely on air moving over the cylinder and cylinder head to dissipate heat. Extended running without some means of cooling will result in overheating and potential damage to the engine. Certainly it will shorten the life.

You might want to explore some of the many 4 stroke engines currently available, many in the same cc range that you're looking for. Most of them come with internal fans and cylinder shrouding for cooling and designed for stationary applications.

I am curious however because in a previous thread you were asking about a highly modified Chinese 2 stroke engine. Did you plan on using it for your compressor project?



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May 26, 2011
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+1 what Tom said.
You would have too much fun learning about tiny china motors.

IMO, a small 4cycle trimmer or leaf blower motor would be far superior.
Have fun with that!

Jesse Marshall

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Jan 31, 2017
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This 100 dollar motors work great just use 16 to 1 good oil take it easy for the first two tanks don't ride in the rain sometimes minor defects such as magneto or the carburetors internal components come loose bit overall great investment.rmfla