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  • My ideal speed is 18 mph , almost every time I look down at the speedy Im on 18 mph

    esp. in my neighborhood
    If you spend more time under 30 than over it, you're a prime candidate for "The 20MPH Club" :D

    Feel free to join!
    I bet it would work for a 3hp too. Just take the stock carb off and look to see what size hole it has, and how long it goes at that diameter. I have more details if you want. The bicycle cable-to carb makes throttle control easy to do!

    I'll find an old go-kart eventually. I've got no cash for it now anyway. I like to collect stuff though. I almost had a go kart with a 3 speed tractor rear end, that would take vertical shaft engines, but I had to move before I could get it together.
    Cool. Check this out! MB happytime carb on a 5hp briggs tiller motor Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

    I epoxied a sawed off mb intake tube into a sawed off B&S tiller carb and made my own governor/rev limiter
    One man's junk is another man's treasure. I want to get a go kart now. The new ones are all stupid prices here, like $1000. I just want a plain old cart that takes mower tires. I want to have it for the winter so I can do burnouts and slides on the few snowy days a year in N. TX.
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