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    20$ 80cc china girl from ebay too good to be true??? wish me luck!!!!

    Hi there, I'm completely new to the motorized bicycle game, I live in Nova Scotia , CA. I've been looking at motorized bicycles with my jaw on the floor drooling for about the past 4 years, I've just not had the means to afford one, luckily I found myself on eBay with a little bit of money in...
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    What is the HP of ThatsDax engines?

    Does anyone know the actual hp of the F50 and F80 engines? The KTMC 49CC is 9 hp, but i don't know how accurate that is. BikeBerry claims that its cheapest 66/80 cc engine is 5-6 hp. But that seems kind of high considering it is 7/25th the cost yet 2/3rds the hp of the KTMC.
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    What problems will i have if i buy a $100 eBay China Girl?

    Is buying a kit from ThatsDax worth the extra $100-150 dollars? What kind of issues do eBay ones have? will engines from ThatsDax have significantly less vibration? I not actually buying this to put on a bike. I am building a very compact compressor. I thought these very small 2 stroke...