1. Degoragon

    Generic "No Name" Ebay/Amazon engine kits. Anyone use them?

    I Have noticed a lot of the people on this forum seem to buy a certain "Name Brand" (GruBee, Flying Horse, RAW, Zeda, BBR, Golden Eagle, DAX, etc) and roll with it. I was wondering, has anyone here bought one of the cheap, generic kits you can find on eBay, Amazon, Wish, etc. ? If so, how is...
  2. P

    SMALL FRAME!!! I've already bought the thing! 1st BUILD HELP :(

    So I planned on whacking a 2 stroke engine kit from eBay onto a push bike and couldnt find any decent hybrid bikes in my area. I walked into a well known local bike shop and fell in love with one recommended by the owner - A Python Quantom 8000 Men's hybrid bike. I fell in love and purchased on...
  3. T

    What are the problems with cheapo ebay engines?

    Hi guys! I have considered getting an MB (however i'm really just considering because they are illegal in sweden) and I was wondering, whats the big downside with the "Ebay special" kits?
  4. I

    What problems will i have if i buy a $100 eBay China Girl?

    Is buying a kit from ThatsDax worth the extra $100-150 dollars? What kind of issues do eBay ones have? will engines from ThatsDax have significantly less vibration? I not actually buying this to put on a bike. I am building a very compact compressor. I thought these very small 2 stroke...
  5. spiderskzes

    10 tooth ebay idle sprocket

    Do you think this will work instead of the stock idle bearing? THanks http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHAIN-SPROCKET-IDLER-10-TOOTH-40-41-CHAIN-BALL-BEARING-HUB-736-/130697941459?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e6e3451d3 .spr.
  6. H

    Barry Chain Adjusters?

    anyone know what the "Chain Adjusters" that are supplied with some of the barry kits are for? will post pics of my occ when its finished.... just waiting for some parts from gasbike that were supposed to be here a week ago.