What Are Your Garden Tricks?

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Greg- throw your crushed up eggshells in there too.

Measure- I am his kindred spirit brother in propagation.

Next year will be the 20,000 poppy seeds I'm saving.....AND sunflowers!


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Jul 13, 2010
I didn't grow pumpkins this year, but I still have 3 left yet un-rotted from last year to carve jack o-latern. Ya think I am lazy! The ones that rotted so far I threw in some underbrush, so I'll see what happens? Probably not with needing watering. My auto timer sprinkler takes care of what space I use with container garden fenced from deer and netting half garden for berries kept for me not the birds. I guess not much a secret is the pulleys on top the poles high up, I put to allow easy harvesting of Hops. The horizontal line holding up the hops bines on the fours vertical lines, can be lowered from releasing length of the horizontal lines from both poles. I would advise using glove and long pants and shirts. The plant scratches from the hairs on the bines. Not vines really as they do not have those curly grabbers like the pumkins and grape vines ect. Just hairs and they
always curl around clockwise as viewed from above. Oh, my pumpkins I grew last year at my prior residence were from a year still prior seeds that were left scattered from chopped up pumpkins. All I did was leave the watering system going. They grew themselves for the most part. Bees helped and I took a paint brush and also assisted.
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