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  • You can take a pick tool and see that the center of the cap. The white part comes out. Mebbe have a look see? Dunno? This may help you understand perhaps and see how it will vent for you?

    I drilled the white part under my cap in two ''tiny'' spots like a # 200 size jet and left it be. Cannot remmenber if I did but there is a neat tiny little hole smack dab in the center of my black cap ''the top section of it that I thread to the tank''

    In this way my cap is very nicely splash proof baffled. If'n that makes any sense ?
    Yes the cap is multi layered. I had my first tank set up with that vent hose wire tied and it was more trouble than it was worth to me. Thought it looked ugly too.

    I had redone my brake handles or something one day I forget? A mile from the house the vent line was hanging and my left foot/tennis shoe was soaked.

    Need less to say my foot was very sore until I found a place to throw down the bike and get a garden hose to rinse it off. Lucky I was close to home. Would have had no problemy using any nearby house at the time. lol.
    Hey Goat...Got my tank today. I'm assuming the little aluminum thing is a fuel filter? Maybe even cleanable? I'm guessing the other line is an air vent? Is that ment to be plugged in any where? Or maybe leave it hanging and zip tied off somewhere so it doesn't flop around? And you said you plug yours off and then drill a hole in cap discreetly, do you drill it all the way threw the cap? That seems obvious but maybe the cap is multi layered.

    There is also a trick with the generic spring seats a fellow can shim the rear springs too. All my seat posts have the best tilt adjust ever. I can tilt my seats so far forward you cant stay parked on it. I have never sat on my man hood no way! Put a 24 front wheel and the geometry will drop in the front. I am 6 foot tall 250 pounds.. I know a lot of folks claim to be tall lol. I is tall..
    Yeah being water kewled I doubt you will have any patients to tune the clutch.. Most folks cannot make it past the carburetor with this engine. I.M.E and H.O lol

    When I finally come to understand the character of the engine/bike and it's quirks problem's and knew what I wanted.. I never gave up.. My ride is flawless!!

    Was not that way in the beginning. A great many folk will never know how to tune this engine.. It is not easy for them and I know why..

    My latest clutch does everything now. motor fast asleep taking a nap ''throttle I mean barely cracked open'' and will climb a hill at every speed... Best part this is very easy to duplicate!! I have exact measurements mastered for it. Took awhile ! Easy now! its all in the tuning baby give me all these engines more for me!
    Guess I will have to explain it so you get where I am coming from? They make a seat post that will allow a fellow to properly tilt their seat. Every machine I own utilizes this style seat post. I use an old Race Face seat post with infinite tilt adjustment and a spring seat..

    From years of peddling I knew what I wanted when I ordered my bike from Dean.. I used my brand Forks ''hella big long ones'' My seat ''spring one''and my seat post... Told him he could keep the those lol.. Pretty simple.

    I will never understand why folks need to sit that way on their machines? Must be why I could simply ride commando in a pair of jeans and never even thought to try spandex all these years..
    Hey Goat,
    I hate to say it but this bike is just not for me, I have been spoiled by the big four strokes. My son has posted the bike so off it goes that is if it sells, if not the first thing I am going to do is change the seat...that one puts my nuts to sleep...lol. Then I will drop the front end abount 6 inches since it will never see the off road. We shall see...BTW that thing flattens out real quick at about 30 mph.

    I now own a boxer with a water cooled motor. The bike is FUN...I see why you own one now. I purchased it to part out or flip but I want to keep it after the riding it....
    The proper term I beleive for my modifyed main jet is I Hourglass shaped it slowly and methodicall checking over a few days to a week untill I hit the sweet spot!. I have been very happy with it! Come mid summer I may have to go just a tad leaner dunno? So far it works flawless. Thing is in my tuinig I cannot idle for a long period of time as the motor will began to load up a bit.

    It will how ever run a modest slow cruising speed at times as slow as 5 miles an hour all the way up the street, up hill with about a 8000 rpm stall.

    Last to me IMHO the Directhit gizmo I used with a hot NGK B8EGV plug was manditory.

    I feel your pain man. There is no tuning guid for us and our altitude. In my morini thread on my bike click on my quote links too. That will take to to my other post where I prolly said more.. Lemme know if I can help!
    I came up with a W7 needle 258 AU atomizer 3rd notch and a 48 pilot...about 1 1/4 turns out on the adj screw. Last a 50 starter ''choke jet''

    Its mebbe a '''' 97''''' jet dunno for sure? For a 19 mm I would definitely use the same guts with a smaller main jet.. The atomization got greatly ''improved'' power for me across the entire throttle spectrum. This carb set up for where I live IS THE MONEY SHOT of accumulated hands on. Hard when your altitude is half way up the himalayas lol.

    I had a previous 94 I made bigger and went too big.

    I wobbled a 88 size jet in my hand tediously against a straight as a whistle turning drill bit that was too small. It was a desperate attempt that turned out to be a happy discovery lol. As I was running out of main jets to play with. I had a fit that night and ordered every jet I will ever need and have not used them. The darn thing works! I ''really'' think it atomizes better!! I may change the jet mid summer? This should get you on the map! ;)
    Hey Goat Herder got a question for you. I'm trying to figure out the jetting on the dellorto PHBG 21mm carb. I know you posted some info on that. I can't find it out there in cyber space. We are at about the same elevation 7000 ft. Can you tell me what size of jets you went with on your main and idle? And if you left your atomizer and needle stock?
    hey goat, so i just bought the amzoil saber 100:1 ration, now i wasnt planning to use at a 100:1 in my morini i was thinking more like 80:1 or possibly richer, now i checked out the thread of using 100:1 mix and im just trying to stay clear of that thread all together as its more confusing than anything, you got guys swearing by it and you got guys saying not to use sythetic or amzoil and i dont want to ask them what theyre opinion is because there 89 pages of it, so im going to ask you since ive seen the bike you build ( the dual suspension with the jackshaft kit) and i know you have pushed the morini above and beyond its capabilities, im currently using whats called hp2 and its braded as being used and designed for honda pro circuit at 32:1 the guy that sold me this stuff also told me to stay away from the amzoil but i couldnt help myself and id figure giving it a shot after it all it is amzoil
    lol i just realized your name is a double meaning goat herder meaning those spiky things.. ughh i hated those things as a kid flats all the time
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