Sat April 13th 2013 is the Next SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Event


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Aug 18, 2009
living the dream in southern california
2 stroke amateur winner: Norm from venice bikes

2 stroke pro winner: Jim Rust

midrange winner: Steve (Magrider) on his brother's bike with the tiny cranks.

open class winner: cristophe on his tomahawk tuning no-ped, with scotto inches behind him on his 212cc predator.


a guy who makes cool bikes
Aug 18, 2009
living the dream in southern california
i've video-ed all the finals from on top of the trailer/crowsnest/look-out thing, as well as from the top of dennis's trailer, and some video of the pits.

it was super windy and i'm half crippled, so it's a little shakey. i need to decode the discs and upload them, so gimme a few days...


Aug 24, 2010
OrangeCounty, CA
I had a great time racing in the desert. It was great to see old freinds and make new.
The best event that neil has put on yet, even though there was a lap incedent during
the china 'pro' final.

I placed:
4th in the China 'pro' class.
1st in the mid 4stroke class and
4th in the unlimited class.

I had fun races dicing it with msrfan, nashmoto, some of the
moped guys and venice on CCC monster bike.

I walked home with $60 for my 4th place finish
in the china pro class, thank you Dave, Jake, and piston Rob

Thanks to Dad, Baird for building me an engine, brother for letting me race his 4 stroke, Scotto for
giving me bmx frame/parts for my son, and Neil for promoting the event
see you in the pits -magrider-
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Dec 4, 2010
lakewood ca
as always i had a great time. those who could not come missed a great day in the desert and good races and very nice bikes of all different styles and sizes. i'd have to say the best motorbikes in the world were gathered in one spot today. thanks everyone for some fast and safe racing. cant beat that! good job neil and thanks for the discount. see you guys next time. dennis


Jul 2, 2010
los angeles
buba here

glad everything came off without bumps bruises and scratches

glad to hear scotto gave christophe a run for his money -- bravo !!!

Yeah Norm that trophy fits you -- congrats

thanks baird for getting some video
i can't wait to see all

ride safe


Sep 26, 2011
That's great, thanks for posting. Soo wish I could make to one of these.
On that long straight...what kind of top speeds do you reach?


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Sep 17, 2010
Southern California
Thanks Neil for a great time. Had a blast with all the regulars and some new guys. I came in 4th in the first heat, derailed a chain in the second and finished 8th in the final. Beat out by Bigboy on the final laps (again). Still dialing in my two speed auto but was just out ridden in the turns. Will maybe do better at next race. Great racing by Scotto and Norm and all the other winners. Let's do it again soon.


Jul 8, 2010
That's great, thanks for posting. Soo wish I could make to one of these.
On that long straight...what kind of top speeds do you reach?
On my China girl according to the speedo on it I would hit 36 mph. On my Ktm clone I would say 40 something. The straight is a up hill so kills some of your top speed.

Venice Motor Bikes

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Mar 20, 2008
Los Angeles, CA.
It was great to see everyone again!
My day started off real bad... Something bad happened to my engine in my OM Flyer in the qualifiers for the Pro 2-stroke class, so I swapped the big carb & # number plate onto my 1936 Schwinn board tracker that I brought to just cruise around the pits on, & changed over to the 'amateur class'.

In the final, I took a extra warm up lap right before the race, so that put me literally at the back of the pack at the starting line.
I worked my way up to 4th place right when Andy threw his chain, & then I was in 1st place by the 2nd lap.

I just watched Andy's video of the 2-stroke amateur race...
Andy raced really well & it would've been a really close race between him & I if he hadn't thrown his chain!! :(
(That's me in the orange helmet passing him right after he stopped to fix his chain).

Also... Big thanks to Jeff (CCC) for letting me ride his monster bike in the 'Unlimited class"... We had a lot of trouble getting it started right before the race & then I jumped on it cold & got to the starting line just before they took off!
That bike is stoopid crazy fast & real hard to ride!! :eek:
Big props to Steve (Mag Rider) for out racing me through all the turns only to lose the lead every time to the more powerful CCC bike on the straights.
The CCC bike threw the main chain 100 yards before the finish line, so I pushed it up the hill to finish the race so I wouldn't DNF (& come in dead last)!
Awesome racing Steve!! (^)

All in all, it was a really fun day! Thanks again to Neil & all the sponsors for putting it all together. (^)
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