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  • hi im dean from australia ive got a franco morini S5 GSL its a special liquid cooled 15hp variant of the s5 but still has normal bottom end, thing is the crankshaft has sheered off at the flywheel and i cant find a replacment without buying a $275 new one off morini franco usa could you please help me do you have any spares or know anyone who does
    Thanks again Dennis. That shock rocks compared to the one I was using. I had to put a stiffer spring and I wish I raced with this set up. The rebound is the biggest difference. My bike doesn't what to spring back when the shock is compressed and wants to go back to its neutral position. I might have to get some track time in June!!!!
    Hello Dennis, aka dmb.:
    Please do let me know the brand and size of rear disc brake caliper you recommended to Social_Machinist, for his Schwinn Stingray chopper build.

    Thats a nice sproter setup he's using for his build, looks like a perfect fit for the small area in the rear triangle and so close to the axle!

    Peace C.H.
    sorry i thought you took it. ask neil or post some one has it im sure. call grange they might have it too
    Hi Dennis,
    Sophorn here. Hows it going? I forgot my white bucket with some tools in it. Would you happen to grab it by accident?

    Just got your message from about a week ago. Glad you had a good time at Willow Springs.
    Wish I could ride in Cali with you guys..
    My bike is running great but it would never make it that far! ........ Take care

    Dale, thank you very much! looking forward to my build. i got bike parts all over the place
    Sure, Dennis, no problem. I'll make sure you get a book. Thanks for the interest and the message. Dale.
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