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  • Hey MSR, started plans for a bike build but didnt want the whole Chinese set up everyone else is doing. Have always used Briggs for homemade go carts and mini-bikes my brother and I made. Went to bike shops but got confused stairs when I mentioned wanting to do an American made 4 stroke set up. Was quite excited to find a link to this page and see what other gear heads are doing. Am SOOOOOOOO impressed with your builds. They are the refined version of what I had envisioned in my head. Wondering where you got the intake manifold from. Mine too is at a slant in the frame so would like to put a similar set up with custom exhaust and free up room in the frame area. Also how does it run down the road? Looks like it's a single speed with a belt driven which is what I have in the works. Is my first bike build so wanted to experiment as cheap as possible so using many re-used edger and mower parts available.
    Hi! I love the work you're doing. I wanted to build a bike and I love what you're doing. Why do you use briggs? Also, I found a five year old briggs log cutter engine on cl for 50 dollars. The guy said it runs well. It's 206cc. Does that sound okay to use?
    I need info
    Needle sprag bearings how are they holding up?
    If you had room what bearing would run sprag are freewheel bearing?
    What does the jackshaft need to be made of, if i run the needle sprag bearings.
    Hello msrfan we were next to you at the april races. I am going to make a 2 speed belt drive. Would like your input. Will have to run sprag needle bearings what about he jack shaft what does it need to be make of?
    hello msrfan
    spoke briefly at willow everyone so busy i would like to come visit can you call me to find a convenient time

    720 220 2775 thanks buba
    Hi msrfan. Im doing a build for my girlfrind with a 3hp Briggs. It will be a belt primary (centrifugal clutch) and chain secondary. My rear sprocket is 44 tooth, i think my clutch pulley is 2 inches (standard). Could you advise a jackshaft pulley and sprocket size? I think you usually use sheaves, if so could you advise me of a recommended reduction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. You definitely seem to know your way around these Briggs. The bike is in boardtrack and vintage section, if you havent seen it have a look. If im doing something wrong or maybe the angle of the motor is too severe i would definitely listen to and value your input. Thanks heaps
    sorry i thought you ment my email

    23 stetson st
    warwick ri

    very much appreciated!
    thanks alot!
    Dale, Ive heard about your book & would like to get a copy. I purchased 18 bicycles at a police auction including a police mountain bike this thing is built tough. When you have time please email me & let me know how to get copy of book. [email protected] Thanks in Advance "Startrekeagle"
    I want to put Puch Forks on my 26" beach cruiser and seek your advise at what length to get. I like the triple tree with suspension style as I am going for the whizzer look, and dont know if I need the 23" forks or the Magnum 25" for proper clearance? Can you please let me know what worked for you!
    dale, i met you at the el dorado to hb ride i drove the white chase truck. my name is dennis bell, if possable i'd like to purchase a copy of your book my adress is 2837 Del Amo blvd lakewood ca 90712. looking forward to meeting you again i really enjoy looking at your art work good luck and ride safe
    NON-KIT FOURMS, Discontinuuity’s My First Project: Briggs 3 hp THAT I HAVE BEEN POSTING FOR 1.5 YRS?
    I would like to get a copy of your book if possible. I plan on building a Briggs powered bike. I've been toying with the idea for some time of doing a board track looking bike. I'm convinced the Briggs is the way to go. I like the idea of the belt drive too.

    My address is George Perkins
    4337 Bennettwood
    Millington, Tn. 38053
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