plans for electric trike


New Member
May 8, 2012
Spokane, WA
I've been thinking about building a 1500 watt electric trike now that I have room to store it. I want to build the whole thing from parts, just to build it. My plans so far are to use the front half of a bmx/kids bike with 20 inch rims for the front and build the rest from wood and metal. I have picked out 2 750 watt motor kits , one for each rear tire. The rear tires are from a hand cart, I plan to weld a sprocket directly to the rim, and leave the bearings alone. I am trying to keep the cost down so if anyone can see an easy way to hook up a Chinese engine to both wheels without harming steering, let me know. I am not that worried about durability, I only need it to run for a few weeks. I nave access to a welder, grinders, a chop saw, drills, sanders. I will be hopefully starting this project in a couple of months.