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    I'm building a 7 horsepower trike but I need a rear end with disc brakes is there anybody out there who makes one or who has one?
  2. B

    Hello from Prof Bliffle in Nor Cal

    I've been a lifelong cyclist but I'm 82 now so I have to adjust. I returned my trusty Steel Road bike to it's maker after 40 years of flawless service. It was the product of 20 years of study and applied engineering on my part. So now I must motorize, and solve some other problems. For example...
  3. S

    A Trike to Like

    My first encounter of pedals was a tricycle, what a wonderful machine. Well 60 years later, a few bucks, a few days and the cheap eBay trike shows up at the door. A couple of hours of assembly and the test ride. That unstable, tipsy, rough riding, torque steering, flimsy framed machine was far...
  4. Stimpy

    New project: meet Longtrike (pics)

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a new project, I bought a new, open box, transport-trike on the cheap, cause the box was damaged and they misplaced (lost) both baskets but overall in good shape apart from a few very minor scratches, so instead I made a long wooden bed for it. The main plan...
  5. sick ridez

    Hi from Aptos Ca 2 trikes

    Just a couple bikes I work on. old youtube video of trike back 2009
  6. kdaddy1980

    66cc Full Suspension Snow Tricycle

    i need a vehicle that will carry some groceries up hills and through the snow. so thats why im building this trike. the thing that will be great about it is the full suspension. im using a 54 tooth sprocket to gain torque, no need for speed on ice..or lugging a basket full of cargo up steep...
  7. Steomi

    Need help with rear wheels; T&C Tri Wheeler

    I recently picked up an older Schwinn Town and Country Tri Wheeler 24" tires all around. Overall it's in good shape, the problem I am looking at are the rear wheels. The hubs are bent all to crap and the rims are rusted through. The axle itself is 5/8 inch, also it has a whole for a cotter pin...
  8. R

    plans for electric trike

    I've been thinking about building a 1500 watt electric trike now that I have room to store it. I want to build the whole thing from parts, just to build it. My plans so far are to use the front half of a bmx/kids bike with 20 inch rims for the front and build the rest from wood and metal. I have...
  9. R

    650cc 111hp 4cylnder trike ?

    So I can get a 600cc motor that pushes 106whp at 300km/h in a go cart was thinking about building a trike with 2x2 tue 1/4" wall and cr500 weels on the rear Any thoughts or ideas
  10. M

    motorized trike

    anyone build motorized trikes? my mom is somewhat handicapped and would like to ride a bike, but cant get it started due to her disability and the possiblity of falling isn’t a great one for us. also, the seat would need to be pretty high. any ideas? Thanks! Jeff kaplan...
  11. deadmousefetish

    I found this in my mothers garage

    This is a Lafree. It is an electric bicycle made by giant a few years back and they stopped making it. I am wondering if anyone has owned one or even better if they had one and modified it? If this thing still works I want to make a tricycle out of it. Right now the thing was made for some giant...
  12. Ibedayank

    just a NOOBS delta recumbent cargo trike build

    based on plans from Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines! - Bikes Trikes and Chopper Plans using the 99cc HF predator 4stroke motor rollin on 24inch tires on all three corners take couple junk bikes some steel tube
  13. G

    Hello from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi

    I'm currently in the research stage of my first build--it seemed to make sense to me to find out what works and doesn't work from people who have already done it. My first build is going to be a serious learning experience, as the entire project will be moving me way out of my comfort zone...
  14. Ruby478

    who know where to get parts?

    im trying to build a MB trike but since spookytooth is down i can buy the mb hd trike conversion kit what can i do to make my own any ideas?