1. S

    New to Motorized / Electric Trikes for Adults

    I have been looking at the Schwinn Meridian for awhile and just saw the Schwinn Mackinaw. The Mackinaw appears to be lower to the ground but I do not know the difference. I wanted to put an electric motor on it to help with all of the hills around my house. They are too expensive to buy. Of...
  2. Venice Motor Bikes

    Felt 'Faker' ~ rolling chassis, race bike

    I'm selling this FELT 'faker' motorized bicycle built for racing ... (NO ENGINE) This was my 'back up' bike from last race season, built for the 2-Stroke Expert Class. It was only raced one day. Please look carefully at the pictures below before asking any questions. Parts list... Gasbike ~...
  3. carl clack

    Bike life SD

  4. S

    Needing a hub mounted sprocket for .8" to 1"

    Okay. So I've tried searching a bunch on many forums and sites and k I can't seem to find anything that will fit my Raleigh USA Heat. The rear hub is little less than an inch and most hub mounted sprockets from anywhere only seem to goto and inch or more. Curious if anyone knows of one I can get...
  5. TheNecromancer13

    79cc Predator Bike Instructable

    I have put together an instructable on how I build my motorized bicycles, tell me what you think:
  6. miked826

    WWll Electric or Gas bike (rolling frame)

    Custom bike made with .065" DOM carbon steel tubing. Bike has working turn signals, brake lights and high low beam headlight. Bike has never been tested other than as a pedal bicycle AND IS SOLD AS EXPERIMENTAL. This bike has motorcycle tires and rims. Batteries go in ammo cans in the rear. $399...
  7. W

    Huffy Cranbrook Project

    I just built my first motorized bicycle, so i thought i would join this forum. I bought a Huffy Cranbrook on sale for $88.00 at walmart and bought a 80cc (66cc) Bicycle engine kit off of ebay for $145.00 with free shipping. I got my kit in the mail friday and had it all put together in a few...
  8. M

    Will this full suspension bike hold a motor?

    Hey guys, sorry about that last post without any pics, I guess a moderator got to it first and had it deleted. Anyways here's a picture included. I saw this mountain bike on craigslist and I'm wondering if it's possible to mount a Chinagirl without too much fabrication involved. Thanks...
  9. J

    NO IDLE 80cc skyhawk bicycle

    Hi there, I'm new to moto bicycling, I've recently purchased a couple of used bicycles both with 80cc Skyhawk motors from what I was told. Well I'm sure I'll have tons of questions to come i was wondering why my girls bike doesn't idle and how would I go about adjusting it? As she comes to a...
  10. Noxuz

    Ultra Cheap low budget motorized bicycle WATCH THIS STUFF!!!
  11. Noxuz

    Im From Mexico, and recently discovered this ultimate transport

    Sup motorized bikers, this forum looks awesome, in january i build my motorized bike i learned a LOT of motors and how they worked, it take me a while since i had a bunch of problems in the installation, i really think motorized bikes are the ultimate minimalist ultra cheap personal...
  12. H

    Vintage bike bug for sale!

    Up for sale I have a vintage 1970's Murray "The Dude" ten speed bicycle with a Bike Bug Kit mounted on it. The bike is in nice shape, rear tire is checked but I rode it around and shifted through the ten speeds. The bike comes fitted with a Chrome headlight, taillight, rear wheel generator...
  13. miked826

    Hybrid 49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Bike 4 Sale.

    EBAY LISTING $2499 ENGINE IS NOW 97CC$_57.JPG This bike is a one of a kind project started about 6 months ago. Originally a 2012 Felt MP beach...
  14. R

    plans for electric trike

    I've been thinking about building a 1500 watt electric trike now that I have room to store it. I want to build the whole thing from parts, just to build it. My plans so far are to use the front half of a bmx/kids bike with 20 inch rims for the front and build the rest from wood and metal. I have...
  15. M

    motorized trike

    anyone build motorized trikes? my mom is somewhat handicapped and would like to ride a bike, but cant get it started due to her disability and the possiblity of falling isn’t a great one for us. also, the seat would need to be pretty high. any ideas? Thanks! Jeff kaplan...
  16. miked826

    Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

    Agonizing between a jackshaft setup or a separate rear sprocket, I pretty much cornered myself into a jackshaft setup by installing the rear 203mm hydraulic disc. There is just no more clearance in the back even with a top hat adapter. I tried to cram a 11 HP hopped up GX200 racing clone in but...
  17. Ayotaybrink

    Few Cruiser Builds

    Just some pictures of the various cruisers I've built within the past year
  18. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Instructions Available Here

    Here is your link to view step-by-step instructions on how to install a centrifugal clutch... Motorized Bicycle Centrifugal Clutch Install
  19. DuctTapedGoat

    Double Decker Tandem - Motorize that!!

    YouTube - ‪Tall Bike‬‏ He's got some good builds, though no pedals on anything but the nonmotored highwheel styled tandem.
  20. nidyanazo

    motorized bicycle jump

    YouTube - ‪motorized bicycle jump‬‏ look at that form lol