Im From Mexico, and recently discovered this ultimate transport


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Jun 17, 2013
Sup motorized bikers, this forum looks awesome, in january i build my motorized bike

i learned a LOT of motors and how they worked, it take me a while since i had a bunch of problems in the installation, i really think motorized bikes are the ultimate minimalist ultra cheap personal transportation solution, i mean they are awesome!!! replacement parts are ultra cheap, lots of customization. i just fell really passionate about them... i started building for selling because i live in a city that there a no highways near city, and people often move on bike.

This are the ones im building for selling.

They are really cheap and it draws a huge attention at the streets, people gets really interested when they see a bike advancin without pedaling.

I really love them i looks like a just found the right place dance1


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Jul 9, 2009
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I'm glad you found us. Lots of good people herewilling to share what they know and have learned from each other. And it is good to hear there are bikes being built south of the border. Welcome to the forum!