1. P

    SMALL FRAME!!! I've already bought the thing! 1st BUILD HELP :(

    So I planned on whacking a 2 stroke engine kit from eBay onto a push bike and couldnt find any decent hybrid bikes in my area. I walked into a well known local bike shop and fell in love with one recommended by the owner - A Python Quantom 8000 Men's hybrid bike. I fell in love and purchased on...
  2. C

    Need help: first build; engine wont start was origionally running

    So I have set the engine onto the mountain bike have checked the spark plug for spark and I do get spark when tested on the outside case. I can get the engine started when I peddle to 20km/h but it wont idle and The throttle needs to be full throttle. If I start at a lower speed I get...
  3. J

    Bike Berry Can't work out problem.

    First of all I wanted to work with this company and live in Florida. Shipping does a a while. i ordered Mag rims and they where defective.I did say wanted store credit and then only gave $35 when product was over $1000 when shipped both rims back and coasted money. They messed up and I called...
  4. S

    79 cc 4 stroke redlion

    Hey guys I have a red lion 2Ralg 79cc 4 stroke and the crankshaft seems to be 5/8 without a keyway, I really need a 3/4 in shaft q type. Any suggestions?
  5. carl clack

    Lets Ride

  6. C


    When my bike backfires it shoots flames!!! Is there a proper way to make it do it whenever I want because it's really cool?
  7. slump

    Predator 212 custom fat tire build

    Lots of work into this build for shiny side up 2017 and is a late post but I finally got some time to put it up here. As for the build : I custom made the fat tire bike frame from customizing a mongoose fat tire bike. I customized a girvin linkage fork by widening it out to fit 4" rim and had to...
  8. wildwood

    end results and ordered another

    Took me a while to be happy with it but here it is the bike I built from the things I learned off this forum. It's the cheapest build but the best ride I've got. I was upset that I was done and all I could do is maintenance so I ordered the triple 40 zeda to work on through the fall.
  9. wildwood

    front shocks on a rigid frame

    I add front shocks on my bike that didn't have them to begin with...I had to jump through a few hoops to get them on proper but nevertheless they were installed shop quality. just to look at the bike I new the whole geometry was out of wack...the center line from front axle to bottom bracket...
  10. J

    My clutch won't engage.

    I have an 80cc engine on my bike. Well about a week ago I was on a beautiful ride. I came up to a park that only had one path and got behind a maintenance golf cart. He was putting along pretty slow. So I cut through the grass and beat him around the corner. I rode out of the park and made it to...
  11. C

    What bike/kit should I get?

    I am pretty set on getting a motorized bicycle and would like to know y'all's opinion on bikes and kits. I was considering the 26" Roadmaster Granite Peak and the IGlobalBuy 80CC kit. My budget is a preferred $200 but I could do $250 if I should because $200 will get me crap. This is my first...
  12. M

    Motor bike project

    Hello, I was wondering how I could attach a sprocket to a weed eater, and then direct chain drive to gears on my bike. How would I attach the sprocket to the weed eater? Thanks.cs.
  13. TheNecromancer13

    Necro's Bike Repair Help - Ask me how to fix stuff and I'll give it a shot.

    Although I'm not the greatest with repairing engines yet, I do know how to build a normal bike from the frame up and diagnose and fix pretty much anything that might be wrong with any part of your bicycle which was there before you put the motor on it. So I thought I'd let people pick my brain...
  14. M

    Panels to hide side of engine?

    I saw this post where a guy just briefly mentioned about how a guy made panels to go on the side of his bike frame to cover the engine and everything to make it look neater... I am not going to quote it or give you a link because he just said what it typed above. But, how do I do this? I haven't...
  15. M

    Fuel tank sizes?

    I am thinking about getting a larger fuel tank, which will help me not worry as much when going long distances, and I won't have to fill up as often, but I am currently getting about 25 miles per fuel tank (I believe I have a 1.5 liter fuel tank on my bike). So, I was wondering, are there any...
  16. M

    Wheel/pully on Chain Tensioner not spinning?

    What should I do? loosen the nut? I have it set down to the lowest height anyways....
  17. S

    new and looking to buy!!

    hello I am a new motor bicycler and I am very interested in buying/selling/trading these parts and accessories. currently looking for some gas engine kits email me with any detailsdance1dance1
  18. S

    Bike not starting

    Hey all, So i'm not sure if this is the right forum for this so if its not direct me elsewhere… anyway, I'm having issues with my motorized bicycle. I peddle it to get started but when i release the clutch and give it throttle nothing happens. It sounds like the engine is going but it's...
  19. W

    Huffy Cranbrook Project

    I just built my first motorized bicycle, so i thought i would join this forum. I bought a Huffy Cranbrook on sale for $88.00 at walmart and bought a 80cc (66cc) Bicycle engine kit off of ebay for $145.00 with free shipping. I got my kit in the mail friday and had it all put together in a few...
  20. S

    my first moto bike

    Well brought it home a skyhawk 66 on a kinda crappy bike lol started up but didn't want to go above idle with clutch out didn't have time to look at it much (was on lunch break lol)