1. Makomea

    New 2023 Phatmoto AT, 0 Experience Builder.

    Hey guys! I have been lurking around these forums for a couple months just trying to learn what I can from random posts. Some threads have info I need when it comes to a specific, specialized, task. When it comes to absolute basic information, it is either buried in a comment on an unrelated...
  2. V

    Hello new here! please help I got a question!

    Hello I am building a mortized bike but the engine sproket won't turn i havent actually finished building it.But i tried to put a chain but I saw in the video how the dude turn the sproket easily and put the chain there into the engine and I tried the same and it won't move it will only move if...
  3. CrimsonPrince

    Motorized BMX Funding Request

    Hi everyone! As you may already know, I have been posting up my progress on a motorized BMX bike build and would like to begin by extending my thanks to all of those who have commented and imparted their suggestions to enhance the quality of the build as it makes headway towards completion. At...
  4. P

    SMALL FRAME!!! I've already bought the thing! 1st BUILD HELP :(

    So I planned on whacking a 2 stroke engine kit from eBay onto a push bike and couldnt find any decent hybrid bikes in my area. I walked into a well known local bike shop and fell in love with one recommended by the owner - A Python Quantom 8000 Men's hybrid bike. I fell in love and purchased on...
  5. TheNecromancer13

    212cc Predator Experiment - Performance Build

    So I'm thinking about building up a 212cc predator engine with the goal of getting as much power as possible on a $1,000 budget, not including the stock engine or a bike to put it on, as I have both of those already. The end goal would be to race it in the unlimited class at one of the SoCal MB...
  6. TheNecromancer13

    Necro's 4 speed 125cc Lifan Build Thread

    So I decided to go ahead with the 125cc lifan build. Engine and a few other parts arrived today, holy crap the engine is massive! Micargi puma arrives tomorrow. Then I can start figuring out how to mount the engine. Going to gear it for a top speed of just over 60 mph at 9500 rpm in 4th gear...
  7. TheNecromancer13

    2 speed 79cc predator build

    After building a few 79cc predator bikes for friends of mine and having them turn out far better than the first one I built for myself, I want to have the best bike again, so I'm starting a new build on an old trek 820 with a 21" frame that I got off craigslist for $150. I figure I'll keep my...
  8. M

    Harbor Freight 212cc on Motoped Cruzer?

    Hello there guys! I was wondering if such a thing is even feasible? Thinking about buying the 212 death row 4 stroker and putting it on the Motoped Cruzer as a custom build pretty soon. However, my brother explained that such an engine would simply be too big? What do you all think?
  9. N

    New to building / motorized bikes

    I'm new to building motorized bicycles in general and I gained a lot of knowledge through the forums but also have some questions of my own. I am looking at building my own bike, after not being able to find a schwinn occ stingray like I wanted to locally. I would like to build a frame...
  10. G

    NEW... a journey recounted in paragraphs!

    Hopefully added picturetickled my thigh and started to burn... It was money and it was burning a hole in my pocket! I decided to start with a Huffy Panama Jack, for $170 it was kinda steep but the extendable rear rack is welded to the frame. It is true that Huffy is just a shadow of its...
  11. 4

    Different cylinders

    Hi, first post I have a 48cc engine kit that needs a new top end but the cylinder fins on this engine are round and the only top end I could find on ebay has square shaped cylinder fins. Will it still fit? I tried searching on the forums but I didn't find much. Thx
  12. Mr. Minecraft

    Summer Job Build Thread

    Hello everyone! This summer I have planned to build and sell motorbikes for some easy cash. I am not the kind of person to constantly update a thread with everything I do, so I am only going to post when I finish a bike, and will update the post when I sell the corresponding bike. I really don't...
  13. M

    Building a Motorized Bicycle Newbie Journey

    Hi everyone, This is my first time building a motorized bike and I used a huffy cranbrook as my bike. I'm documenting my progress on youtube. I'm basically making these videos so people looking into building a motorized bike don't make the same stupid mistakes I did! Update 1: Just...
  14. Schwinn the Fox

    Vent Your Anger

    There needs to be a thread where you can just vent your anger over builds. You can post here with your issues, and then you can be redirected to threads concerning your issue. You can vent about getting pulled over, builds not working, or ect. Hopefully the mods will be cool with it. I just...
  15. T

    Newbie! Need help!

    Hi there. Im looking to find a really GOOD stretch/ Limo lowrider to moterize and customize. I was about to buy a "Micargi", but read they are really cheaply made bikes with alot of problems. I live in Charleston SC, and havent had much success on craigslist. What I want is a build that is a...
  16. chillphillyphil

    The Dirty Rat Build Thread

    This will be the official build thread for my project I have dubbed, "The Dirty Rat." The bike in it's current state is already built - infact it's been operation for over a month, and commuted me to work everyday since it's succesful completion. It's platform is an old 1980's era...
  17. chillphillyphil

    The Evil Onyx Build Thread

    This will be the official build thread for my new project I've entitled, "The Evil Onyx". Only my second build ever. I chose the Genesis Onyx 29 inch cruiser simply because it's what I feel is a big, stable, and clean frame to build the project off of. Secondly because it's what I would...
  18. R

    plans for electric trike

    I've been thinking about building a 1500 watt electric trike now that I have room to store it. I want to build the whole thing from parts, just to build it. My plans so far are to use the front half of a bmx/kids bike with 20 inch rims for the front and build the rest from wood and metal. I have...
  19. M

    motorized trike

    anyone build motorized trikes? my mom is somewhat handicapped and would like to ride a bike, but cant get it started due to her disability and the possiblity of falling isn’t a great one for us. also, the seat would need to be pretty high. any ideas? Thanks! Jeff kaplan...
  20. nidyanazo

    Some cool pics of our bikes

    And some of our CA customers builds...