Hello new here! please help I got a question!


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Mar 14, 2021
Hello I am building a mortized bike but the engine sproket won't turn i havent actually finished building it.But i tried to put a chain but I saw in the video how the dude turn the sproket easily and put the chain there into the engine and I tried the same and it won't move it will only move if i use a tool to move it and that makes the piston move and he rest.So I am wondering does engine sproket have to move easily with your fingers? I remember when I first opened the engine it was easy to move but not anymore Now when I try I just hear a sound like "cluck cluck".I also tried to rotate the flower on the other side but it would not move easily with my hand like in the videos.I then saw you have to push it for it too move I tried that but it didnt go down but that could have been because I don't have the other part set up the clutch etc. I just wonder if I was to put the chain and other sproket in the wheel which i was doing at the end your suppose to "spin the wheel" to see if its good but if the engine sproket stuck then i wouldn't happen.
picture showing sproket thats might be stuck (from google)