1. V

    Hello new here! please help I got a question!

    Hello I am building a mortized bike but the engine sproket won't turn i havent actually finished building it.But i tried to put a chain but I saw in the video how the dude turn the sproket easily and put the chain there into the engine and I tried the same and it won't move it will only move if...
  2. J

    Chain bound up in fromt sprocket

    On my 80cc motorbike the chain keeps geting bound up in the front sproket. We get it up to speed and let off the cluch and it gets bound up right away. an idea whats happening??
  3. East82

    Tensioner issue solved for $5 and a hacksaw

    After toying with my first engine and now on my second, here are some observations that will help the noob (i.e. people like me who own just a few tools and aren't machinists). ~ Start with the sprocket, because it is the most tedious if done right. Get all the hardware set as perfectly as...
  4. Schwinn the Fox

    Should I use this?

    Should I use this chain tensioner? It came with my kit. People have been telling me that they fall into the spokes and ruin your back wheel. People have told me that it can bend in and throw you right off your bike from dead stop. .bf.