212cc Predator Experiment - Performance Build

Jan 21, 2015
Portland, Oregon
So I'm thinking about building up a 212cc predator engine with the goal of getting as much power as possible on a $1,000 budget, not including the stock engine or a bike to put it on, as I have both of those already. The end goal would be to race it in the unlimited class at one of the SoCal MB races. Since I'm on a budget (albeit a large one) what mods do you guys think would give me the most bang for the buck?
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Jan 21, 2015
Portland, Oregon
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#3 which is the UnLimited class bike to beat makes about 20 HP
Does your $1000 include the $200 or more clutch?
What frame are you using?

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Not including the clutch. What clutch would you recommend? Probably going to use my trek 820 frame which currently has a 79cc predator mounted (bike in my profile pic). I am TJ Lavelle on facebook, I'm already in the SoCal group. Also, I doubt I will win unlimited my first try, I just want to race in that class.

Rob D

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Sep 8, 2018
I would use a CVT torque converter. Hands down, its the BEST!!
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Nov 28, 2012
sf bay area
Hemi predator. Lucky guy.

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Iwould use a CVT torque converter. Hands down, its the BEST!!
no, it's the worst. Bruh please you still have the governor installed. My 212s don't even make it to the bike without getting the governor gear and sensor removed. If you are ok with the power loss and the loud clanging noise, then how have you solved the blowing driver springs problem?