1. Sitherus

    GT5 No torque Low Speed

    My engine is a GT5 Stinger with a Jakes head and a ported cylinder body. I'm running a yz700 exhaust and a boost bottle. I also have an rt carburetor and an SBP shift kit, with an HD freewheel. My Bike frame is a Felt Vintage Iron Bolt, with a sealed gas tank. Im using the recommended NGK spark...
  2. TheNecromancer13

    212cc Predator Experiment - Performance Build

    So I'm thinking about building up a 212cc predator engine with the goal of getting as much power as possible on a $1,000 budget, not including the stock engine or a bike to put it on, as I have both of those already. The end goal would be to race it in the unlimited class at one of the SoCal MB...
  3. N

    new to the motorbicycle world

    Hi everyone my name is Neil, I just finished my first build(sorry site wouldn't let me post my pics) and I have a few questions. Firstly, where can I find detailed instructions (preferably video or visually aided) on how to properly adjust the carb on a 66cc engine kit? My cpin and cwasher are...
  4. Teratoma

    Yet another mixture thread, or...? (Starting problems)

    I dug around on this board for a thread describing the exact symptoms my bike is displaying and came up null - though I am suspecting my fuel/oil ratio to be the culprit. That being said I'm going to describe the problem as best as I can to see if it sounds familiar to anyone: The...
  5. F

    making quality bikes for a year

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if I did this on this site or not, but here goes. My name is David, I've been building for a year and I have ASE certifications in automotive. I kind of fell into this hobby by trying to save gas and I love it. I've build standard kits, performance add-ons, jackshaft kits...
  6. S

    Boost Bottle?

    Does the boost bottle really do anything i have been thinking about this for a long long time now can anyone tell me if it works
  7. B

    RSE Reed Valve

    Recently bought a RSE reed valve kit, installed it once but was too lazy to re-jet carb and possibly boost port the jug. Let me know if anyone wants it, I paid $80 from JNM looking to get some of it back. The reed valve is in almost brand new shape, installed it on new engine, rode it to...
  8. I

    Couple Question's

    So im not all that experienced with aftermarket parts, performance, power, all that. ive always built these things stock but i decided to go all out this time and i had a few questions im sure you all can answer with ease; 1) Can I run a stock engine with a HP carb and HP expansion chamber...
  9. G

    gearing? 49cc two stroke kit

    hi i'm looking for some info on a two stroke china 49cc motor kit LEB off ebay. The kit came with a 39 tooth sprocket and i have it mounted on a 10 speed road bike it had 27" tires i changed the to 24". I'M wondering if its geared to hi, it doesent's have any hill climbing power the top...
  10. F

    Lessons learned on a 66cc Chinese Lady!

    Okay so I am a newbie and I humbly admit it. However I have learned a few things so far and am trying new things regularly. I will post here as I learn whether they work or not. Tip #1 and foremost is immediately take out that junk chinese spark plug and put in an NGK Iridium 4085 {also...
  11. R

    Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

    Are you getting all 3 Horse Power out of your china 2 stroke? I know I’m not. With the untrue rag joint sprocket, the “California Friendly” catalytic converter exhaust, CNS BS carb, unbalanced crank, Chinese bearings, and unmatched porting, I think I would be lucky to get half the rated horse...
  12. R

    I guess I have to introduce myself sooner or later

    Hello everyone! My nickname is Rzee and I was lucky i could get that name because usually it is already taken when I go to register for something. I believe I am an experienced builder (what I mean is I have some experience) so I know a little about this game we play. I am interested in learning...
  13. escout

    Where can I find jets for a CNS gen B carb?

    Hi all, So I got my bike running pretty well at this point, but its still a bit rich being that I'm at 7200 ft. Anyways, I've looked into soldering and re-drilling out my jet to a smaller size, but I'd rather order new jets if possible. If anyone finds jets for this carb I need some...