GT5 No torque Low Speed


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Jan 19, 2017
My engine is a GT5 Stinger with a Jakes head and a ported cylinder body. I'm running a yz700 exhaust and a boost bottle. I also have an rt carburetor and an SBP shift kit, with an HD freewheel.
My Bike frame is a Felt Vintage Iron Bolt, with a sealed gas tank. Im using the recommended NGK spark plug, and running 20-1 ethanol free premium.

Previously I came on here to troubleshoot this same issue and there was an almost unanimous agreement that is was my gearing. so I upgraded to a Shimano TZ31 7-Speed 14-43t Freewheel, next I checked for air leaks and discovered one on my intake so i added an o-ring which fixed it. I re-checked and found no additional leaks.

I was wondering if replacing the magnet and getting a keyed more powerful CDI would help things?

I took it out today and was able to make 21 MPH on flat land.

Am I wrong in thinking this should be much faster?
I just built a completely stock kit for my friend and he is faster than me by allot.