1. L

    Climbing hills, real ones.

    Howdy, 1st post and happy to finally join! Wasn't sure where to post this, as I'm new, but here we go. I've been interested in making a fresh hill climber for hiking/mountain bike/dirt bike trails. I am chill as a cucumber if I can't go faster than 25mph max speed, as I know with these...
  2. breath_easy13

    The truth about Quality Tools

    Prepping my engine for my moto build. Simply taking off the gas tank of this 4 stroke build. Realized ill need more then just an 8mm wrench and flat head. Looking at ratchet and socket sets on amazon, seem like you can purchase a low level set for 15-30 dollars, a med for 30 - 50, and a pro...
  3. Sitherus

    GT5 No torque Low Speed

    My engine is a GT5 Stinger with a Jakes head and a ported cylinder body. I'm running a yz700 exhaust and a boost bottle. I also have an rt carburetor and an SBP shift kit, with an HD freewheel. My Bike frame is a Felt Vintage Iron Bolt, with a sealed gas tank. Im using the recommended NGK spark...
  4. jolfstn

    Runtong vs. Dellorto SHA

    hi. On the last 3 of my builds, I've sworn by the Runtong built Dellorto SHA clones, it's the most dramatic improvement over the stock carb in performance, throttle response, torque, etc. It seems they wear out fairly quickly though. after about 3 months of use first the auto-choke fails, then...
  5. TheNecromancer13

    Pop rivet torque pipe?

    So the cost of having someone weld me a torque pipe is prohibitive, but someone suggested that I make one using pop rivets, cold forming with a hammer and anvil, and high temperature sealant. Anyone tried this before? Anyone think it would be a waste of time and fail horribly?
  6. C

    Seized engine????

    Hey guys, so heres the deal. I had been running my bike without the head nuts/ bolts at the correct torque for a long time, and read somewhere that it was a good idea to torque them to around 120 in/lbs. so i unbolted the nuts,took the head off, and used two nuts tightened together to torque...
  7. kdaddy1980

    Engine Bogging/Low Torque

    Ok guys, here we go again. Yesterday i went to ride my bike and it was really hard to start..then all the sudden it kicked in and ran good, but when i give it a good throttling it cuts out and wants to die. The engine revs really good without the clutch engaged but as soon as i engage the clutch...
  8. F

    Low end power mods!

    Hey guys, I've found a few threads mentioning low end power but most people seem to be after speed. I wanted to start a thread to see how many mods we can get in one place that are dedicated to adding low end torque to your bike. Personally, I'd be plenty happy if i could mod my bike so that...
  9. D

    29er dimondback mountainbike BUILD

    49.5cc suzuki motor just ordered sickbikepartskits was going to fabricate alot of stuff myself but this will allow me to finish project faster less heat from the little lady about time not being spent with her LOL. Also doing a mod on the motor to give it a hi and low gear. going to...
  10. R

    Won't idle - feels so weak

    49cc 2 stroke I've been breaking in my motor and am on the third gallon and just switched from 20:1 to 28:1 off an empty tank. The bike was running great for 20 minutes and got me to the store. Started the bike again upon leaving the store, but now it- -won't idle (at all) -takes forever...
  11. V

    I have a stupid torque question....

    If the head bolts/nuts are supposed to be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs for the 80cc engines, does that mean the spark plug should also be torqued to 12-15 ft/lbs too?