Runtong vs. Dellorto SHA


Oct 30, 2011
Seattle, WA
hi. On the last 3 of my builds, I've sworn by the Runtong built Dellorto SHA clones, it's the most dramatic improvement over the stock carb in performance, throttle response, torque, etc. It seems they wear out fairly quickly though. after about 3 months of use first the auto-choke fails, then noticeable performance degradation until it's finally not usable. Cleaning, tightening, regular maintenance, rebuild have negligible effect. I now have a drawer full of dead or almost dead clones. I'm wondering if it would be worth the cost to buy the real thing, Dellorto SHA 15/15 seems to run close to $80 whereas the clones are around $20.
Has anyone else experienced this? Could someone who is using a real Dellorto let me know whether they last? Specifically a Dellorto SHA 15/15 but other models might be useful information on reliability. My set up is a 66cc standard mid frame install with 44 tooth sprocket, banana style expansion exhaust & electrics powered by a re-purposed 11.1 v laptop battery on a charging circuit powered by Wonderful Creations stator and charger. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.