1. jolfstn

    Runtong vs. Dellorto SHA

    hi. On the last 3 of my builds, I've sworn by the Runtong built Dellorto SHA clones, it's the most dramatic improvement over the stock carb in performance, throttle response, torque, etc. It seems they wear out fairly quickly though. after about 3 months of use first the auto-choke fails, then...
  2. G

    Dellorto sha 16.16 carb with the snake pipe

    I finally got my sha 16.16 in the mail. It came with the 82 jet which i figured was too big. I went ahead and checked it out and measured the throttle and venturi? and they are oblong but measured out to be 16mm top to bottom and slightly narrower side to side. i have my RT carb from dax...
  3. J

    Dellorto SHA Clone Review

    I recently received a dellorto sha carburetor clone for christmas. The first thing I noticed about the carburetor is that it was the almost the same size as the stock carburetor. The cone air filter it came with does make it slightly larger, and had to be bent slightly to fit, which was easy...