1. breath_easy13

    Registering Bike in NC

    The build is on the way, and what a ride its been so far. Cant wait to get it road worthy ! So After speaking to dmv theft and lost(which by the way were super helpful and friendly), before getting any paper work ill have to get the bike inspected by AAA or another mechanic shop. When speaking...
  2. breath_easy13

    How to remove governor and oil sensor on Predator 212

    There is a lot of instructional video online, a good material, but through some trial and error I've been able to successfully been able to remove the governor and oil sensor. If any one has any questions regarding the case, feel free to comment or shoot me a message.
  3. breath_easy13

    governor removal and "little pin" pred 212

    Finally getting started on the pred 212 build. Prepping the engine for a vert install and mikuni carb, i went ahead and removed the gas tank, carb, and throttle linkage bar (if thats what its called) and now im left with this little pin you can see below. I've been told i need to remove the...
  4. breath_easy13

    First build. Just sayin what’s up

    After months and months of research, longing to build the ultimate motorized bike. I’ve finally pulled the trigger on the start to me build. Purchased the big ol predator 212 motor. Couldn’t tell you how stoked I was to get it in the mail today. From the ground up, and the help of some good Cali...
  5. O

    212cc predator build

    This is my first big build, I ended up getting the 212cc kit, and I need a good frame on a budget and im having issues finding one, ive checked my local shops and cant seem to find a frame to fit the motor. I'm new to a lot of this and dont have much money or income, I need a frame that can tide...
  6. TheNecromancer13

    212cc Predator Experiment - Performance Build

    So I'm thinking about building up a 212cc predator engine with the goal of getting as much power as possible on a $1,000 budget, not including the stock engine or a bike to put it on, as I have both of those already. The end goal would be to race it in the unlimited class at one of the SoCal MB...
  7. slump

    New stretch cruiser build imperial x peek cycles frame

    New build for 2018-2019: hand made frame designed by imperial cycles and handmade by peek cyclea, fat tire mag rims, 4” balloon tires, shortened clubman bars, chrome fat tire triple tree fork, front and rear disk brakes, fat tire bottom bracket, and leather springer saddle. Thinking of adding a...
  8. mezzenger

    79cc or 212cc on a Huffy Cranbrook

    Has anyone had success fitting a Predator engine on a Huffy Cranbrook?
  9. Patchy

    Unused modded 212cc engine

    I have an upgraded 212cc engine that didn't pan out with a motorbike project. I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone have any ideas what I should do with this thing? Its one **** of a paper weight... (Mod 2 cam, 18lbs springs, cnc connecting rod, cnc fly wheel, governor removal, bored carb)...
  10. Patchy

    212cc build!

    Hey folks, its been awhile since I've been on the forums but I have some news! After selling my motorcycle I started a new motorbike project! My other builds were with the China Girl 2 strokes and I wanted to move up in the world so I decided on a Predator 212cc engine. My friend and I went...
  11. D

    Does a gear hub can hold a 212 predator?

    I am planing to build a fat tire with a 212 but i want to incorporate to the build 212 predator and a belt drive, but i wander what kind of gear hub is capable to support an 212 modified for performance, any suggestions? brands or models? Thanks in advance!!!.duh.
  12. M

    Harbor Freight 212cc on Motoped Cruzer?

    Hello there guys! I was wondering if such a thing is even feasible? Thinking about buying the 212 death row 4 stroker and putting it on the Motoped Cruzer as a custom build pretty soon. However, my brother explained that such an engine would simply be too big? What do you all think?
  13. McChicken Messiah

    Defiance - My first build

    At the moment this is more of a placeholder until I receive enough of the parts to actually post more updates (should be in the next couple weeks) But... here's what should be arriving first. I had difficulties obtaining other frames so I ended up picking up this 40s elgin, a 50s...
  14. McChicken Messiah

    HF 212cc capable reverse gearbox?

    I'm mounting a HF 212cc Predator with the crank facing right, and I need to reverse the PTO. The engine must be mounted this way, or I'll have to do some serious hackery to the frame, which I would really prefer not to do (I don't have the proper tools to fit the frame for left crank facing...
  15. K

    harbor freight 212c build

    ok so i am almodt one with my predator 212cc engine...... the thing is that that it is geared to 12:44:1 and i unhooked the Governor... so even at like 4k rpm it barely does 25mph ......is there a way for me to get that thing go faster?
  16. K

    Need a mount for predator 212cc! Please Help!!

    i have a mongoose xr 75 (24 inch) bike with me, i want a rack with engine mount so i can mount the predator(harbor freight engine) 212cc on its back and ride it, i am kind of a newbie, i have built just one 50cc 4 stroke in my life, so please help. or some mount that will help me mount a motor...
  17. H

    WANTED: Exhaust for 212cc Predator

    Ok so i know there are a few people who have mounted the 212cc predator into a bike, and they have cool, custom exhausts. Is there an exhaust i can just buy through an internet seller? because i do not have the resources to heat and bend pipe. Can anyone help meh? thanks in advance
  18. H

    HELP with HF 212cc project

    Hi i am mounting a 212 HF engine into road bike and i need help with the torque converter/jackshaft system. I do not have a welder and i know that i will not be able to put a chain straight from the shaft to the rear sprocket. That is the foirst problem- alignment. Then i need to be able to...
  19. shwnrttr

    predator 212cc dimension measurements?

    tryin to find some measurement of predator 212cc to see if i can fit it my frame. anybody body have some info on these measurements?