Registering Bike in NC


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Aug 27, 2019
North Caronlina
The build is on the way, and what a ride its been so far. Cant wait to get it road worthy ! So After speaking to dmv theft and lost(which by the way were super helpful and friendly), before getting any paper work ill have to get the bike inspected by AAA or another mechanic shop. When speaking to AAA i was told as long as the biike has functional front and back breaks, head light, taillights, turn signals, and a horn and ZERO leaks on the bike, i should pass without any problems. Crazy enough too, the light system doesnt have to be wired via coil to the engine and battery, which i didnt want to have to do anyway. So im stoked about that. Now about the missing vin, since we my buddy in cali custom weld and reinforced the frame, we have none. So ill have to request a :home built vin" from the dmv.

Anyway, my question is, more so my concern - In NC to be considered a moped - North Carolina statute defines a moped has having “two or three wheels, no external shifter, with a motor not to exceed 50 cubic centimeters of piston displacement and up to 30 mph propulsion on a level surface."

-i would just need to register it, get insurance and im good to go.

But, obviously its a 212cc. So technically it would be a motorcycle. Which then of course, i would have to go jump through hoops to get my drivers license (would have to reinstate since a dui 7 years ago) fees associated would be a pain. Then apply for a motorcycle permit, classes, test, ect just a lot of bs work and fees i dont want to have to go through.

My question is, I could slap a 49 cc sticker on the engine, then some how take the ID sticker off the lower side of the engine by the oil sensor, and just say i purchased it from craigslist, cash, with no docs, and that its a 49 cc. This would safe me a ton of trouble. I see virtually no way they would say anything. what are they going to do, ask me to take the engine apart ?

What are your thoughts