north carolina
  1. breath_easy13

    Registering Bike in NC

    The build is on the way, and what a ride its been so far. Cant wait to get it road worthy ! So After speaking to dmv theft and lost(which by the way were super helpful and friendly), before getting any paper work ill have to get the bike inspected by AAA or another mechanic shop. When speaking...
  2. THowell1975

    Greetings from Raleigh, NC!

    I've built a couple bikes now and been reading the threads for a while, so I thought I'd finally sign up and try to contribute a little. Anyone else from the Raleigh area? Message me, I'd love to chat and compare notes! :-) -Tony
  3. C

    Pulled over in NC

    Well, looks like my days of riding my bikes around town may be over, at least for now. I certainly knew they were numbered from the start. Finally got pulled over today on my 66cc OCC Stingray. .shft. I was about 100 feet from my house and had been riding for about 20 seconds and looked behind...
  4. R

    Greatings from Raleigh N.C. Looking for people to ride with in the area!

    Hey my name is Ryan, I am new to motorized bicycling and am looking for people with the same interests in my area to ride with. I live very close to NCSU. Thats the only reason I made my bike. I was trying to get to class on time. I look forward to riding with you! Thanks, Ryan Maupin NC...