1. breath_easy13

    Registering Bike in NC

    The build is on the way, and what a ride its been so far. Cant wait to get it road worthy ! So After speaking to dmv theft and lost(which by the way were super helpful and friendly), before getting any paper work ill have to get the bike inspected by AAA or another mechanic shop. When speaking...
  2. W

    Ohio moped ( motorized bike) licenses

    Hi does anyone know the laws for a motorized bike i built in ohio? Do you know if i have to get it registered or if i can get it registered? And if so how? And what are the requirements to get it registered? If anyone can help I would appreciate thanks.
  3. Da Pedal

    Florida RS-68 Bureaucracy

    So i just got off the phone with the DMS... They told me the law just went into effect in september. He told me the paperwork would need to be a little more thorough then some of us on here believed previously He said you need a Bill of sale with the Name and Address of the seller for Both...