1. I


    hi i bought this engine https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/mini-bike-parts/mini-bike-categories/engines-mini-bikes/49encowielst.html and was wondering what the best way to wire it was and what i should buy as i'm pretty new to building scooters and such and figured i would ask the pros lol
  2. Testname111

    ATHENA 69.8 CC bicycle frankin-bike :)

    I made this after finding out the smolikperformance.com kit big bore still had a 40mm piston stock China girl size Check it out, my new Athena minarellie clone with carbon reed I plan on making a copper exhaust, 47.6mm piston true big bore should I braise or hose clamp all my coper joints...
  3. DeerFat

    Motorized bicycle laws in Saskatchewan

    Hello, So I had just built a 49cc motorized bike about a week ago and was looking if it was legal to ride it on public road sidewalks, all I could find was that (electric bikes are legal if they are under 500w and do not exceed 32km/h). I have also came to these forums multiple times but...
  4. N

    Wont start, to much fuel?

    Hi, couldnt figure out this issue so this is my first experience with this fourm. Just finished building a 49cc chinese bike kit, and wont start. Pops a couple times here and there but nothing lasting. After riding for 50ft spark plug is totally blackened. Figured it was running to rich, even...
  5. M

    4 stroke bike clutch wears out after less then 10miles!

    Hello everybody, I’ve recently bought a 4 stroke 49cc engine kit for my bike. Everything went well building it, but after my first ride, which was less then 10miles, my clutch completely broke down(I’ll attach pictures). I replaced the clutch with a brand new one, but after taking another ride...
  6. breath_easy13

    Registering Bike in NC

    The build is on the way, and what a ride its been so far. Cant wait to get it road worthy ! So After speaking to dmv theft and lost(which by the way were super helpful and friendly), before getting any paper work ill have to get the bike inspected by AAA or another mechanic shop. When speaking...
  7. Hashbrown

    Bogging uphill.

    This has been a stressful mb week for me. I just replaced my old 48cc jug with a new ported jug with a rounded exhaust port and 40mm intake ( yes you heard that right ) and skirted piston. I ran it, it was great. But I noticed that it sounded like it might be running a little lean, ran it a few...
  8. K

    Introducing my build - Miami, FL!

    Hello everyone! Tom chiming in from sunny Miami Florida. I bought this bike from an older gentleman already assembled, but I'm taking it very very easy and going on test rides constantly as I inspect the weak points yo nd add accessories and replace parts as necessary. 49cc motor on a Huffy...
  9. greenjon

    Fito Modena GT-2 / 7-speed / 49cc 4-stroke / 4G T Belt / SBP shift kit

    I'll start my first build next week. $422 Fito Modena GT-2 7-speed cruiser with 24" x 3" tires and dual disc brakes $381 49cc 4-stroke HS142F with 80-tooth 4G gear (bicycle-engines.com) $217 Shift Kit and chain breaker (Sick Bike Parts) $52 Heavy Duty Clutch (Staton-inc) $8 Tire Slime tube...
  10. T

    Looking for replacement sprocket for HuaSheng 49cc transmission

    Need a replacement sprocket, but am having difficulty finding one that fits this type of shaft. Please let me know of anyone who sells this sprocket or this transmission . Thanks.
  11. S

    Mod a 49cc or upgrade to 66cc first

    AS the title says, im stuck with a 49cc china girl and i dont have much cash. Should i get a new head, intake, and pipe now or wait a long while to get a 66cc and break it in first?
  12. C

    stock 49cc 2 stroke compression

    Hey guys, i did a compression check on my engine today just because, and was a little concerned when i found that the engine was putting out 80psi. Now this sounded ok to me at first, but after seeing a video on youtube saying that these engines come stock with around 100, to 120 psi, i thought...
  13. S

    Identifying an engine

    I recently swapped out a motor on my friends motorized bike because his motor needs a top end (cylinder, piston and rings). I want to rebuild the engine but my friend does not know whether it is a 49 cc or 68 cc. Is thier any way to tell by measureing the bore or whatever? Or are the cylinder...
  14. U

    My First Build: RoadMaster Granite Peak

    I decided to bite. I needed a better way for a 10 mile hike to work. This idea seems to work the motor was already here, I just needed the frame. But, by my luck. Because of a certain incident at Walmart, I was able to choose any bike off the floor for free of charge!.....and I chose the...
  15. U

    Um...I need some advice.

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I have a little dilemma. Last Wednesday, my engine kit came. It was this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/140765906820?item#ht_6111wt_1001 On that same day, my bike was stolen. (Ironically, the frame wasn't going fit for it anyways) So now, I have buy a new bike. I...
  16. Das Chicken

    Motorized bicycle pre-speed run maintenance

    I plan to make a top speed run tomorrow, what kind of maintenance should i do to ensure my bike doesn't fall apart on me? I have a 48/49cc HT with a SBP shift kit hooked (7 speed) up to a specialized rockhopper. Any suggestions for wheel-bearing maintenance? I'm pretty sure bicycle wheels aren't...
  17. M

    bajasports 49cc

    if ne wants a baja motorsports 49cc engine i have one for sale. its slightly used but still in superb shape. it has most the parts but some are a lil rigged like the connector for the spark plug but it all still works. it originally came off of a dirt runner 49 which u can find all the engine...
  18. R

    Will pay up to $100 for 50cc china motor

    I am looking for a broken in 50cc china motor,, just the motor, and a stock muffler if possible to replace a seized motor and broken muffler on my kit. I prefer needle bearing motors, because the bearings in my old motor are fine. I can pay up to $100 by paypal, extra 20 for muffler, depending...