Vent Your Anger

Schwinn the Fox

New Member
Aug 13, 2010
Stafford Springs, CT

There needs to be a thread where you can just vent your anger over builds.

You can post here with your issues, and then you can be redirected to threads concerning your issue. You can vent about getting pulled over, builds not working, or ect. Hopefully the mods will be cool with it. I just had a crappy day with my build, and was hoping others would need to vent as well.

For me, my build is just going nowhere.
I'm currently unemployed, so its a tough run, but its a slow sailing. My rear tire is getting destroyed by the chain, and washers on the axel make the wheel all crooked. My chain is eating away at the frame. My handlebars are loose... again. My rear tire will be flat in a matter of days, I just know it man. I just cleaned the carb, and it runs great, but my air filter fell off, and I had to replace it with another air sponge I had. No air box so its kinda open to the elements. Man on man, I need a coffee...