1. B

    Hello from Prof Bliffle in Nor Cal

    I've been a lifelong cyclist but I'm 82 now so I have to adjust. I returned my trusty Steel Road bike to it's maker after 40 years of flawless service. It was the product of 20 years of study and applied engineering on my part. So now I must motorize, and solve some other problems. For example...
  2. B

    Question about usability

    So, I have a build planned, that will use a 500w rear motor, a 250w front motor, and a KTM50. My question is about the KTM50, since I've been reading lately and it seems like it is a complete un-tamable monster of an engine, and getting it to be able to cruise around in is difficult to say the...
  3. miked826

    WWll Electric or Gas bike (rolling frame)

    Custom bike made with .065" DOM carbon steel tubing. Bike has working turn signals, brake lights and high low beam headlight. Bike has never been tested other than as a pedal bicycle AND IS SOLD AS EXPERIMENTAL. This bike has motorcycle tires and rims. Batteries go in ammo cans in the rear. $399...
  4. TheNecromancer13

    58V electric chainsaw to power bike?

    So I'm thinking of making a bike with this electric chainsaw as the power source: http://www.homedepot.com/p/ECHO-16-in-58-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-Chainsaw-CCS-58V4AH/205566014 It would require very little modification, as it already has a variable speed throttle, a clutch, and the...
  5. C

    Help - Help Me Get Motorized

    Hello and thank you for reading and possibly helping, I am attempting to motorize a bike to get to and from a job, that's about 15 miles from where I live and though I've watched many videos on youtube on how to install the motor kits, I am very new to the world of motorized bike kits, though...
  6. A

    HELP! My NEW bike wont start

    Had this bike built by a guy a fair while away from me, and less than two weeks later it's just stopped working. Managed to run half a tank of petrol, refilled and now the motor won't kick back in at all. The guy refuses to help me or take responsibility. I'm not great at things mechanically...
  7. S

    Electric Cycle

    HI All, I am from Kerala of India, and interested to have an electric bicycle for my own local commute. Does any body know the best manufacuturer / suppliers in Kerala or India from where I can have one ?
  8. S

    53mph Raptor Build

    The ebike frame came from Slovenia and took 1 month from fabrication to delivery at my door. The motor is a Greyborg beast and got that through the USA distributor. I purchased two 18 Fet controllers and I'll have to see which I like best on this heavy frame. Anyways, I got both a sensored...
  9. Technocyclist

    EDF Jet Powered Bike

    A different kind of E-bike... Has anyone seen one of these? or thinking of building one of these? It looks like a 7 blade 120mm EDF unit - 6 units. Probably with a thrust power of around 10kg per EDF. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDVcecoC_f0 A low power version of this. I think this...
  10. miked826

    49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Felt MP

    Selling for $3499. Yes it costs a lot but, to my horror, the parts cost alone exceeded $4000. The price spiraled out of control when I added the electric components to this already existing gas bike. This bike can run off either batteries alone or gas power or both simultaneously, as well as...
  11. miked826

    Hybrid 49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Bike 4 Sale.

    EBAY LISTING $2499 ENGINE IS NOW 97CC http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Hybrid-Motorized-Bike-97cc-Gas-2250-Watt-Electric-w-Brake-ReGen-4-Stroke-/00/s/MTU0NFgxNTE2/z/yAcAAOxyTjNSk6QY/$_57.JPG This bike is a one of a kind project started about 6 months ago. Originally a 2012 Felt MP beach...
  12. R

    help with electric bike driven through 3-speed gear hub?

    i've been looking at these: http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/24-volt-450-watt-brushless-electric-motor-9-tooth-chain-sprocket.html http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/24-volt-250-watt-gear-reduction-moto-9-tooth-8mm-05t-chain-sprocket-1018.html I need a motor that can output to a bike...
  13. G

    2wd hybrid bike

    Has anyone tried running an in frame gas motor and a front wheel electric motor? I have been curious about this, almost to the point of ordering a motor to see how it would work. 2wd sounds fun. What are the potential pitfalls to this notion, besides weight obviously.
  14. R

    plans for electric trike

    I've been thinking about building a 1500 watt electric trike now that I have room to store it. I want to build the whole thing from parts, just to build it. My plans so far are to use the front half of a bmx/kids bike with 20 inch rims for the front and build the rest from wood and metal. I have...
  15. M

    electric ignition

    Is there away to put a battery on my grubee skyhawk gt5 motor in order to start it electrically? usflg Thank you any responses are appreciated.
  16. DuctTapedGoat

    Consumer Product Safety Commission on Electric Assist Bicycles 2003

    [Federal Register: February 12, 2003 (Volume 68, Number 29)] [Rules and Regulations] [Page 7072-7073] From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov] [DOCID:fr12fe03-3]...
  17. J

    Electric Bike Generator Issues

    Hello! I have a 1/8 hp motor that we were hoping to use as a generator. It is supposed to turn at 810 rpm when supplied with 230 V and 2.7 A. When we spun it at 810 rpm, we only got 4 V though. Are we doing something wrong or is the motor defective? Or does the motor not respond the same...
  18. BarelyAWake

    The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike

    K... first off as ya'll may or may not know, I'm not known for buildin' bikes in a hurry lol, I like ta take my time, usually whiling away the winter tinkerin' and somtimes wondern' what in heck I've gotten myself into. This 'uns no different, well... mebbe a lil heh Usually I don't like to...