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  • Paul told me you purchased one of the Ebay electric kits? Which one and what are your thoughts? jeff
    A new season is upon us. Hows your riding? Hows your bike holding up? I had surgery in Jan (torn rotator cuff in shoulder) healing excellent. Could ride now daily but my ride starts before sunrise and potholes seem to be developing everywhere overnight. April showers bring May flowers or so they say- I am looking for somthing to build soon. Wanted to touch base and give thanks to you for moderating this forum.
    Please take a look at the messages left on my and mapbikes visitor pages. Reported as abusive posts.
    Hello Barely! jus touching base with all on my friends list. Gettin too cold to ride. Not looking forward to the non riding between now and April. It's gonna be a long gasoline consuming winter. Enjoy your holiday season. God Bless!
    So what is it that you are trying to tell me I need to post 5 times before I can post something for sale
    I got ambitious tonight and I finished the trailer album .Take a look and tell you want tell me what you think I was thinking about posting a thread I'm not sure how to upload the pictures to a thread yet .
    Need some help. Is there some kind of a map or list of members that I could possibly contact for a group ride in st.Louis,mo.? I would sure appreciate any advice you can help me with .
    Curious if you have registered your daily rider? I have had zero issues with Bangor/State P.D. The laws here in ME are vauge.
    Hello, I live in the MidCoast area, about 40 miles from you I think. I was just down to Bath Cycle to have an xfd laced to my wheel. Maybe when it warms up we can meet.
    Been building now for 5 years, addictive little things.

    I'm stepping away from picture searches for a while, can you invite the troops to contribute some of their own?

    I'm getting grief about how long I'm spending looking. I just enjoy the search and the mental exercise, but there's this terible whining noise in my ears and it's not tinitus. Yet.

    hey I want to say what's up .I'm looking for some help my girlfriend it's just picking up our sport of gas bikes and I was thinkin honey Davidson what are you guys give me suggestions I'm looking for some help dude **** me up .
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