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Discussion in 'Morini Bicycle Engine' started by Goat Herder, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Well got close to 3000 miles of peddling under my belt. Being as tall as I am means that a retroed fulls suspension MTB ""down hill bike"" is a project as I convert them for my height and to go touring style across the city. With 50 tooth plus front sprockets and small rear coggs. Hard to find a frame that let's in a 50 plus..

    Then to get a stiff spring for the rear so it don't Bob for peddling.

    About the month of August I shall have the boxxer up. Had to cannablize the handle bars. From it. I have built up 5 primo perfect peddlers so far. Not a easy task as everything is always expensive and obsolete. Strange how that seams to happen so fast? All my MTBs are 26 inches.

    This time next year considering having beat the obsolete game is gonna rock. Can't be a J lino of cars so it's bikes MY WAY!! Got mebbe 12 Customs coming including some peddlers.

    So glade this thread is still here cause I stashed away important forgotten notes. Sure hope I helped someone else?

    Ordered one of these for a motored anybody try one these?
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    Dang Goat it's been a while since you have been here, I've wondered what you were up to, riding is a good thing to stay in shape.

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