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  1. B

    Idaho Law Clarification / My First Motorized Bicycle

    Hello! This is by first time on! I live in Idaho and I am currently a Senior attending High School. For my senior project I made my first ever Motorized Bicycle! :) ( nothing special though, just a simple Chinese 2 stroke 49 cc engine. I figured I'd start out cheap with my...
  2. carl clack

    Lets Brap!

  3. Johnny Cinco

    48cc huffy big daddy cruiser project

    Hey moto bike guys! Just bought a huffy big daddy cruiser FOR 60 BUCKS! With a 48cc motor attached. Most of the bike is in good condition. Broken back wheel (missing spokes, warped rim), missing drive chain and a few scratches. Just got back from the bike shop today! (Very tight budget lol )...
  4. slump

    New stretch cruiser build imperial x peek cycles frame

    New build for 2018-2019: hand made frame designed by imperial cycles and handmade by peek cyclea, fat tire mag rims, 4” balloon tires, shortened clubman bars, chrome fat tire triple tree fork, front and rear disk brakes, fat tire bottom bracket, and leather springer saddle. Thinking of adding a...
  5. carl clack

    Porting First Time No Problem?

  6. carl clack

    Just Cruisin'

  7. U

    Building A Motorized Bike (New Here)

    Hello There Everyone the names Amir and I'm new here :D (This is going to be a pretty long post, BUT I would really appreciate if you could read it, If not go to the end where I bolded everything) So let's start off, Since last year ago I have been looking over YouTube and forums on building...
  8. Meljago

    Help! Should I buy this Motorized Western Flyer!?

    Found a beautiful Western Flyer with motor (that i dont think is original but the seller does). I think its a 52, but I dont know. Serial is MON 22x10 123646. There is some dry rot on the tires but nothing going through- I think I could ride it for a while before needing to replace them. Here...
  9. DuctTapedGoat

    Motorized Bicycle Racing Video Game

    I just released my first video game. Motorized Bicycle Racing - 48cc China Girl Edition
  10. G

    california laws on motorized bicycle help!!!!

    hello i am new here and i have been thinking about building a motorized bicycle for a few years now!!! and i just realized that there are some laws regarding gas motorized bicycles!! i just bought a 66cc bicycle kit although i am now considering returning it. it turns out you need to have a m2...
  11. Venice Motor Bikes

    1947 Schwinn motorized bicycle... (Fast & Loud)

    Here's a bike that's been one of my daily riders since I sold the black 53 BTR. This is a 1947 Schwinn DX that I built as a 'barn find' rat rod. It has lots of rusty crusty vintage parts, Custom aluminum gas tank, Heavy duty wheels with a front hydraulic 185mm disc brake, 66cc reed valve...
  12. Venice Motor Bikes

    New Venice~ Vintage Schwinn Boardie

    Here's one I just got the parts back from chrome & powder coating & started a test build. It's another restored 1950s Schwinn straight bar with a Sportsman Flyer tank, VMB Monark-2 fork, Felt wheels & slicks. First I'll get everything test fitted & then break it down & rebuild it with grease &...
  13. Venice Motor Bikes

    Motorized Felt Revolver with 99cc Predator engine

    Here's a Felt Revolver that I've been working on for a few days. I installed a 99cc Predator engine with a custom VMB engine mount, a GasBike clutch & reduction plate, & a 44t hub adapter. It's gonna have a black keg tank mounted on the bars & a hydraulic front disc brake when it's...
  14. S

    TN Question regarding my suspended license

    hey yall, my question is for my motorized bicycle. my drivers license is suspended and im 29 years old. my license was suspended in ga for insurance reasons but here in tn I don't have my license yet but just a TN id. my bicycle doesn't even fully hit 30mph which I read online that's what it...
  15. S

    bmx w/Yamaha 100

    just wanted to share a photo of my latest bicycle conversion i think its just about complete i was out riding it today a little heavy but still lozes traction on wet asphalt this photo is from about three weeks ago its got diff. handle bars a spoked rear wheel and a newer motor there is no...
  16. Train_Wreck

    Gas to oil ratio?

    Hey everyone. I know this question has probably been answered a bunch of times, but I keep seeing differences of opinion on what ratio to use for the break-in and after the break in. So far I have broken in my engine with 16:1 using Lucas Semi-synthethic High performance oil, now I am done with...
  17. Venice Motor Bikes

    My Cannondale Race Bike for the 2015 season

    So I finally decided to build a new race bike... (The old OM Flyer just didn't have enough room for a proper racing engine). :( After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to use a all aluminum Cannondale bike. I built it with new Felt 50mm wheels, I machined my own reed...
  18. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice Built Sportsman Flyer 99cc BTR

    This is a 99cc Sportsman Flyer bike that was built for a local customer... I'm really proud of how this one turned out (& now I have to build one for myself)! :D
  19. Cheech

    It's New Riding Season

    Well, it's another Beautiful Riding Season here in West Virginia and time to fire our powerbikes. First things first. Hopefully, you had a great time last fall cruising and checking out the leaves or "wildlife". Then you woke up that frosty morning and decided that it was getting just too cold...
  20. M

    Cheap awesome fatbike. I would so get one if I had the transportation to Phoenix. Only downside would be the fact that even though the bike has good enough clearance for the motor, the tires are so thick that it has to be jack shafted. But then it's a...