1. Tom74

    Motorized bike Unable to idle properly

    When I start my bike it will idle very high and then rapidly go down to a normal idle speed. After about 1 minute it will start to decrease in idle speed and produces lots of smoke, it will continue to decrease until the engine has fully died. At first, I thought that I must be the idle screw...
  2. A

    High Idle Problems

    Hey Everyone I have a high idle and this occurs with the idle screw all the way out and not throttle cable bindings no air leaks anywhere found. and I'm a bit curious of what could be the problem running about 4k rpms at idle without choke and with choke it settles all the way down to about 1k...
  3. Memy1251

    Won’t idle:

    hey guys, so my first build i ran it and the engine idled flawlessly. For a while, then the bike would no longer idle. When I pull the clutch the RPMS shoot sky high. When I leave the clutch it’s always trying to go like a car placed in “drive”. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  4. J

    Engine won’t idle and stops with clutch disengaged

    Problem-first start** -engine won’t idle but runs with 1/2 accelerator with clutch engaged - soon as clutch is disengaged while riding the engine sort of stalls an accelerating does nothing - the engine sounds like it is either starving or floodin maybe ? Things to consider ? -Bike came...
  5. A

    Engine idle's high after ascending hill or wide open throttle

    My engine idles fine both after starting and when fully warmed up. However I have noticed that after using the throttle wide open (be it going fast or ascending a hill), if I pull in the clutch, the engine will idle very fast (to the point where I have to fiddle with the idle screw to slow it...
  6. C

    Runs great and fast, no idle!

    Hey guys, i just bought a motorized bike off of my boss, he doesnt use it anymore and it runs great, only problem i have come across is it wont idle. If i pull the clutch while its running i have to keep giving it gas to keep icvlt1t going. Iv been fiddling with the idle screw turning it...
  7. M

    How to let bike idle with clutch?

    My bike idles fine, but what I'm saying is that I need to have the clutch disengaged or it will die, so if I want to walk away from my bike and leave it idling, I have to lock the clutch down which i see people do in videos on the clutch lever on their handlebars but isn't there a button to...
  8. A

    No throttle response at Low End

    My China girl engine has terrible low end throttle response. The RT carb is way better than the stock carb but low end is so bad if I don't constantly rev the motor it dies. Sometimes when the motor is hot it will run at high rpm without me reving motor. A cold motor with full choke has a...
  9. Munchiesgalore

    explosive idle/please help

    hi, my China girl I've had for about a year now doesn't idle whatsoever. when i start it it 'runs away' and wont stop for anything except for unplugging the wires from the motor to the cdi. I've tried everything in my knowledge to fix it with no prevail. please help. :-||
  10. J

    NO IDLE 80cc skyhawk bicycle

    Hi there, I'm new to moto bicycling, I've recently purchased a couple of used bicycles both with 80cc Skyhawk motors from what I was told. Well I'm sure I'll have tons of questions to come i was wondering why my girls bike doesn't idle and how would I go about adjusting it? As she comes to a...
  11. M

    idle to gear

    When i am stopped at light or at a stop sign and i put the bike in idle by pulling the clutch. When the light turns green and i give it gas while realeseing the clutch the engine just dies i must start moving before i realese the clutch and keep riding.usflg.flg. how do i fix that or is that the...
  12. 80ccstingray

    Idle/Carb problems

    Hi everyone! I have a RAW 80cc bike engine kit with a stock NT carburetor and it idles very fast and stalls randomly. I adjust the screw on the carb and it does nothing, it still idles fast. Can someone help me? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. -Thanks
  13. domster66

    engine sputters, hard to turn over

    Hi I already posted about my idling problem, but I'm also wondering what could be wrong with this new problem...... So I will ride downhill and the engine will sputter and sputter until finally it starts up, I run out of road, engine shuts off, then it takes SO MUCH leg power to get it turned...
  14. domster66

    Motorized Bike will not idle! help!

    Hey guys, I have an 80cc motorized bicycle and I can't get it to idle for my own life. Also, it is very difficult to start. I live on top of a mountain and will go down the road with the clutch pulled in, then pop it, and the engine will begin to start, make some noises, I give it some gas, then...
  15. I

    Im a nobbie ... engine troubles, idle,lean

    i have the 66/80 cc slant head, about 1400 miles running 30:1 ive always really had the problem of after 4 mins of running and its warmed up i cant WOT i can pull throttle to 60 % but thats about it after that it just boggs... also i am running lean and cant seem to adjust the mixture i have...
  16. S

    Bike turns off at a stop or wen moving to slow

    i have a 66cc skyhawk kit with a cns carb... runs ok... i hold in clutch pedal and release then i start riding around... but wen i come to a stop/slowing down then bike shuts off... the tire locks up... isnt it supposed to idle??? its only been a few days since i pulled the motor brand new outa...
  17. Ruby478

    My motor header is smoking

    My motor is smoking from the header i thought it was a bad gasket but i replaced it but it still did it. The motor is a skyhawk 66/80cc jet, its not broken in yet but i never had this problem with any of my other motors. At low rpm it'll jerk the chain like its stalling but i checked the idle...
  18. H

    Crazy Idle

    Hey guys, my first project over here and I'm loving learning as I go, but does anyone know why my 2 stroke skyhawk when idling will be fine for about 1/2 minute and then it just revs like it's on full throttle? I've messed with all the adjustment screws, and it's all good for about 1/2 minute...