Motorized Bike will not idle! help!


New Member
Jun 18, 2012
San Diego
Hey guys, I have an 80cc motorized bicycle and I can't get it to idle for my own life. Also, it is very difficult to start. I live on top of a mountain and will go down the road with the clutch pulled in, then pop it, and the engine will begin to start, make some noises, I give it some gas, then it gets going, I run out of road, and it dies. :-||
Then, I pedal till I get a good speed going, pop the clutch again, I can hear it getting started, but I have to pedal my heart out until it gets running and it will bring me back up to my home.
So, I have tried just about everything I can think of, I have adjusted the idle screw pretty much everywhere(doesn't even seem to make a difference) put the choke up(sometimes just kills the engine), tightened some screws, made sure nothing was loose, etc... What else could I try? Is there an air leak? Maybe somethin' else? Please give me some ideas. Thanks.
Also here are some pics if you need em.