1. I

    Ready to throw the keihin away

    Here's what I got. This thing never ran right from day 1 and I'm tired of it. Do I spend the money on a jet kit or is there a carb I can buy that would be as big as the keihin that will actually work? I finally have my low end rpm smooth and powerful, but when cracking wide open after that...
  2. L

    Engine Troubleshooting

    Hi everyone, I've been having some strange engine issues and would appreciate any insight from some more experienced engine people. For the last 2-3 months, my bike has gradually gotten slower - lost pickup on the low end and lower top speed on the high end. I haven't changed any major...
  3. domster66

    Motorized Bike will not idle! help!

    Hey guys, I have an 80cc motorized bicycle and I can't get it to idle for my own life. Also, it is very difficult to start. I live on top of a mountain and will go down the road with the clutch pulled in, then pop it, and the engine will begin to start, make some noises, I give it some gas, then...
  4. nidyanazo

    motorized bicycle jump

    YouTube - ‪motorized bicycle jump‬‏ look at that form lol
  5. T

    Bike Doesn't Run - Tried Nearly Everything - Starts But Dies

    Hello again, Second build and twice as many problems as the first.. I bought a used engine from a guy i was buying a bike from. I have no clue what the displacement is. It is a flat head 2-stroke. I will post pics soon. Anyway, I installed it and it kinda started, and I finally messed around...
  6. Ruby478

    One problem after another

    Ive built 7 bikes never had a problem.......i always ordered from the same people they've always came through. But less than a month ago i was working on number 8 my person bike first the head gasket blows out.... no big deal replaced it done right? wrong! That same week i have an air...