1. Tom74

    Bottom end leaking oil

    The bottom end gasket must be in need of replacing as it's leaking oily fuel all other the floor. I don't know how to remove the cylinder when I pull on it nothing happens.
  2. PluckStrumRide

    Original Fuel Tank Petcock Leaking *Help*

    The engine kit I purchased, which I've ran on 2 bikes (Currently on my profile photo) It has the standard/older style fuel tank requiring the female style petcock. The original leaked and the seal became useless. I ordered another. I apply thread tape to the tank to help with a better seal...
  3. W

    Leaking Fluid - any ideas?

    So I just got my whizzer back from the shop undergoing a brake replacement. I'm not very well versed in working with motorbikes so I have a little trouble assessing what is going on with my bike. Anyways, I picked it up Saturday (today is Tuesday) and after riding it home and parking it, I...
  4. T

    Intake leak?

    Hi, I recently bought a 2 cycle 80cc motor kit and installed it on my bike, but now when I try to ride, when I pull the clutch in the engine rpm's go sky high! Someone told me that it was an intake leak and to: "Remove the intake manifold where you bolted it to the engine, and replace the...
  5. domster66

    Motorized Bike will not idle! help!

    Hey guys, I have an 80cc motorized bicycle and I can't get it to idle for my own life. Also, it is very difficult to start. I live on top of a mountain and will go down the road with the clutch pulled in, then pop it, and the engine will begin to start, make some noises, I give it some gas, then...
  6. A

    LEAKY CNS carb

    so i had to make a custom intake manifold for my caburator to be offset to one side.. the carb is perfectly level and leaks out of the air intake port as well as the overflow. The bike frame is always wet and the bottom of the air cleaner box always has a few drops of gas hanging on it. ANy...
  7. DuctTapedGoat

    Motor races - air leak/no compression and scoring.

    My motor just started racing the other day. I'm super upset about it. :( I swung by my buddies house to use his compression tester, and lo and behold - a whopping 80 PSI. So I'm thinking, bad rings, blown head gasket and got them on order (taking all my cash till payday). I dropped a teaspoon...
  8. M

    66cc Bike Engine Caught On FIRE!!!

    So, after riding my bike for a good hour or so (just about new with less than 200 miles on it), I turned it off and left it outside to cool off. I walk into my house and peek through the window just to make sure it hasn't fallen over and what do I see? A BIG ball of fire and a cloud of black...
  9. Ruby478

    One problem after another

    Ive built 7 bikes never had a problem.......i always ordered from the same people they've always came through. But less than a month ago i was working on number 8 my person bike first the head gasket blows out.... no big deal replaced it done right? wrong! That same week i have an air...
  10. nidyanazo

    What's leaking from the crankcase....grease? *pic included* Help diagnose

    This is leaking through the crankcase.. ..Seems like grease, possibly from the clutch shaft. There is a small piece of gasket missing there... Was thinking it is some assembly grease for the clutch shaft... Also wondering about using some RVT gasket maker sealant right there...