1. Sitherus

    New shift kit problems for custom built bike

    so I gave up on my old shift kit and bought a SBP shift kit. I got it installed and mostly running in one day. I'm having since chain problems I could use some help with. First I should say that I have a shimano rear derailleur and 6 gears with a 7 speed friction thumb shifter. First problem...
  2. A

    Replaced every electrical component, still no spark

    I have replaced every electrical component on my 66cc 2 stroke and still VERY weak/no spark. New coil, 2 new CDI, new magnet, new spark, everything. Any pro tips are appreciated.
  3. B

    Cold start in winter 2-stroke

    How is it to cold start those 66cc 2 stroke engines in between -0 and -20 celsius (35F to -4F)? Do i need to have the bicycle inside at winter? Do cold start harm the piston and cylinder badly? Do the piston easily freeze and stuck? Is it hard to coldstart?
  4. M

    Newly built bike won't start, help?

    Here is my story... I have put my Chinese 66cc motorized bicycle kit on my mongoose mountain bike. Unfortunately, the regular chain that you use to pedal broke, and I have yet to replace it, so pedaling is not an option for me; but, I do have a pull start installed, which I have been pulling and...
  5. MechRyan

    Really hard to pedal, new Bike Motor Kit, Not starting

    I don't know if it starts or not yet, but I am having a lot of trouble with just getting the thing moving, the bike doesn't even budge unless I am holding the clutch, and when I am holding the clutch it is VERY hard to pedal where I can't even make it out of my driveway. If I walk the bike, its...
  6. G

    smooth starts

    is there a way to turn the engine over without such violence. Every time i try to roll start my 66 in the parking lot it feels like i a beating on my frame with some hammers.
  7. N

    Hard to Pedal Start My Motor

    Ok so I have bought a Brand New 66/80cc bike motor off on ebay, installed correctly and everything but it is VERY HARD TO START meaning that every time I try to start it it pedals hard and Im thinking it might be something wrong with the cylindar or what. I am new to the whole bike/motor scene...
  8. M

    Drill start?

    Picked up a bike and it has a shift kit on it. Some parts are missing though so I can't start up the engine. I noticed on the magneto there is a nut and if you turn it with a ratchet the piston moves. What if I hooked up a drill to it and tried to start the engine? Would it be ok and not destroy...
  9. domster66

    Motorized Bike will not idle! help!

    Hey guys, I have an 80cc motorized bicycle and I can't get it to idle for my own life. Also, it is very difficult to start. I live on top of a mountain and will go down the road with the clutch pulled in, then pop it, and the engine will begin to start, make some noises, I give it some gas, then...
  10. D

    No Spark Even With new CDI- Help Please!!

    Hello all! Was riding my bike the other day and it died slowly. After a bit of figuring I replaced the CDI ( used). It worked! Then about two weeks later and 150 kms of riding it died again very similar to how it did before. I did not notice going over bumps or anything when it died and the...
  11. madwheels37

    Pull Starts SUCK!!!!!

    I can't believe this is $50 I have put into magnetos because of the pull start mechanism. I have replaced 3 times and now a 4th purchase will have to made. This is so annoying. And magnetos are Not the easiest thing to take out and replace. It has to be done, but damn it, I just want it to...
  12. Tomasito

    Brand new engine won't start =(

    Hi all, I installed a kit in my girlfriend's bike, but the little $#%&$ won't fire, i ride it like 15 times arround the block trying to start it up (with the whole family on the street waiting to see it come alive) and nothing, not a single explosion. This is what i've checked: · I have...