electric bicycle

  1. biknut

    The Rise of the Electronaut's

    Right now in the u.s. the electric bicycle market is infinitesimal, but my crystal ball sees a perfect storm brewing on the horizon. Fueling this perfect storm is a confluence of factors quietly happening almost unnoticed to the untrained eye. For starters there's a federal initiative...
  2. cannonball2

    Capacitors and SLAs

    Some where I read of adding capacitors to SLA batteries to improve performance. Would some one explain the advantage ,what caps to use, wiring, etc. Thanks!
  3. deacon

    strange looking ebike

    For those of us with balance issues. Specks front hub 800 watt36v 24" 3rd controller frame 20" sissy frame. Front wheel 24" rear whee; 20" side wheels made from a 12" kiddie bike. Chain drive from the 12" bike. Trailer is a like the 10" wheels mounted on a single piece of angle...
  4. biknut

    This is my Stealth Bomber

    This is my new Stealth Bomber, electric motor bicycle. So new in fact that I've only managed to pedal it up and down my block 2 times. I have plans to customize it to make it mine, but right now nothing is carved in stone. I welcome your suggestions. I ride in the concrete jungle, so that's the...
  5. Easy Rider

    My Beach Cruiser

    Since it looks like I won't be getting new ski gear this year because my skiing buddy is going to be out of commission for this winter. I decided to turn my most comfortable bike into a super lazy man cruiser! I picked this bike up along with a matching green lady's beach cruiser both for $150...
  6. biknut

    I want a Stealth Bomber, lord help me.

    I'm getting a disease, and it looks like the only cure involves buying a Stealth Bomber. There's only one thing stopping me from ordering one right now, and she's sitting over there on the couch eyeing me right now. This is what one looks like. They go 50 mph, and at that speed...
  7. B

    Got my Magic Pie 3!!

    Now to put it all together. I thought the kit included a seat-post mounting rack, but one didn't come. Maybe the "RAK-2" was just the bracket. Also, I ordered a cruise control extra but it was included in kit. So I have 2 now. . . Got the biggest widest Swalbe tires (Big Apple 2.35") for my 29r...
  8. Easy Rider

    BoXer Race Bicycle transformation!!!!!

    As the proud owner of the first production BoXer made, this bicycle has been thru a few transformations. It first started with a 5.8hp air cooled Morini. This motor was very reliable considering the abuse Dean and I put our Bikes thru. We rode our bicycles many miles off road. This bike was the...
  9. paul

    Mountain Pie - Trek 3500 with Smart Pie Motor and Bottle Battery

    well i have converted pie trek to mountain pie. i used to ride mountain bikes daily. raced them ect. had a bad accident and broke my collar bone and didnt ride for a few years then i got into gas bikes and now electric. i have really missed playing in the woods, jumping ect which i never felt...
  10. Mike B

    Ebike Headlight

    I ordered up one of these; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-12w-led-head-light-motor-e-bike-bicycle-white-24-90v-24-36-48-60-72-84-DIY-/160881566009?pt=Cycling_Parts_Accessories&hash=item257549e139 And it arrived today. Very nice well made piece. But does it work as advertised? Only...
  11. BarelyAWake

    ebike lighting/12v accessories on the cheap

    With any electric vehicle, power reserves are of paramount importance - every watt counts. Lighting can be a power hog, particularly if it's spiffy halogens so they're often out of the question. Problem is while 12v DC lighting & accessories are plentiful and inexpensive... anything other than...
  12. biknut

    Why buy an electric bicycle?

    Why would anyone buy an electric bicycle for $1,500-2000 when they could buy a nice store bought gas powered bicycle for around $600 or 700? Or if they felt so inclined they could spend $1,500 and get a really great gas powered bicycle. Legal issues? That's the only reason I can think of.