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  • Thanks for putting a pic of the angle iron mount. I am looking at doing the same with the Predator 99. I am a real newbie though. I have just fixed and installed a china lady but am wanting to go to a more reliable and powerful 4 stroke thus the 99. I have a few questions though if you do not mind. Do you need the extended crank arms? I am also planning on going chain drive to the rear wheel. How do I do that? I presume I need some kind of clutch. Is there some kind of transmission/clutch unit out there, or how are you handling it?

    Hi, was wondering if you know much about having a build with the HF Predator engine. I really want to do this build for my Occ chopper but not sure where to get and what to get for the tranny gear box ect. Any help would be great, thx.
    hi i just bought and instal one of the engine for my bicycle can you please help me i wanna know what is the white wire from the engine for?? and whenever i stop my bike the engine turn off do you have any clue why?? please help
    re: 2 pc roller. I think it can work well, but has a couple risks: If the outside roller mounts to the inner 1" roller, it should not slip on the inner roller at all in use, but if it loosens, it could grind out the outside roller, and if it breaks, or the screws let go, it could destroy a wheel or "shoot" pieces at the bike or rider. I think that is why no one has made such a thing yet.

    I planned on making one out of a lightweight but hard material, with at least 2 clamping screws (using countersunk holes, lockwashers, and nylock nuts. This way it can be removed easily enough, but should hold up. If this works for handlebar stems and other crucial interfaces, it should do for a drive roller unless the rotational force is too much and it deflects or breaks the screws. A narrow gap (hacksaw width) on the roller shouldn't hurt and probably might enhance traction if anything by clearing off water and mud.
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