1. CrimsonPrince

    Motorized BMX Funding Request

    Hi everyone! As you may already know, I have been posting up my progress on a motorized BMX bike build and would like to begin by extending my thanks to all of those who have commented and imparted their suggestions to enhance the quality of the build as it makes headway towards completion. At...
  2. CrimsonPrince

    Engine BMXs Challenge: Series Premier

    Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself here by posting this thread concerning my goal to build a motorized BMX bike. You're probably thinking, "motorized BMX", is this guy crazy? I would agree and say yes, but I'm not that crazy. Like, think of all the other crazy things I could be doing...
  3. B

    Schwinn OCC Chopper 212cc Build

    Howdy, I am venturing into my first Predator 212 (removed gov.) build and wanted people's opinion on somethings. To start with I am using a Schwinn OCC Stingray bicycle that I will be extending the frame. On the main lower frame bar I will be using 2”x4” square tubing so that I can also use it...
  4. A

    New From NC!

    Hey guys, Im new posting here but a long time lurker. I have built a fat tire motor bike but have difficulties with getting it to actually go with me on it. I am large in stature but low in weight (6'4" @ 170lbs) I have posted many pictures of the build plus added a question in this forum...
  5. A

    Custom Bike Problems

    Hey! I am building a fat tire (mongoose dolomite) custom frame and gas tank bike. My mandatory specs were that it had to have disc brakes front and rear, 4 stroke motor, and shift with no manual clutch (shifter kit from Bike Berry). The problem I am having seems to be that the 49cc motor (also...
  6. K

    Kaeli Khaos Kustom Rat chopper

    .shft. My Custom chopper. Its painted the ford gt colors now, but ive decided to go with an od green paint this year. The motor is not on it right now,as ive been doing frame upgrades, as well as rebuilding the motor. The wrist pin e clip broke into the motor and chewed the...
  7. K

    harbor freight 212c build

    ok so i am almodt one with my predator 212cc engine...... the thing is that that it is geared to 12:44:1 and i unhooked the Governor... so even at like 4k rpm it barely does 25mph there a way for me to get that thing go faster?
  8. K

    Motorized bicycle Lifan 125 Gear Ratio ?Chain?

    Hey guys i have a 212 predator engine without the governor.... and gear ratio goes like 9-22-11-56 using the #410 or #415 i believe but since it is rated for 3600 rpm i don't rev more than 4300 rpm which gives me 26 mph i want to upgrade it with the lifan 125cc 4 spd manual engine but i am...
  9. N

    New to building / motorized bikes

    I'm new to building motorized bicycles in general and I gained a lot of knowledge through the forums but also have some questions of my own. I am looking at building my own bike, after not being able to find a schwinn occ stingray like I wanted to locally. I would like to build a frame...
  10. CTripps

    Adding a bit of Chrome

    Hey folks I just redid a tank for my cruiser, and this time 'round I took a few pics as I did it. This may have been covered before, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to show some pics anyway. For some of our builds, it's the finishing touches that really make it stand out. Here's an easy way...
  11. K

    Predator buid

    .trk it has a 212 predator, gear ratio is 10:27:1, has removed the governor, but that is it(no other upgrades). how do i make it go faster!, and not hurt the engine(want to be safe!). NOW BEFORE
  12. F

    Two bikes fully cstomized nees repairs for price

    What's up guys new to the forum but digging it so far. Here's my question, I have come across two Bikes (Motorized) and they need some repairs. Basically they are not running at this point; motors are supposedly not seized, the offer is $300 as a pair or $150 for one. How much would you...
  13. R

    New member and my new Bike build

    Hi all I am new here and hope to learn a lot and maybe share a little too. I am a custom painter from up in Port Huron MI and just finished my second bike. Here is my new build its a firmstrong stretch rebel. My son already wants it. Thanks Derrick
  14. wolf-jr

    "Two-bit Criminal" Board Tracker Bike Build

    My "two-bit criminal" bike build. So far I've got a frame and fork together (thanks to CCC, thanks dad) and a tank to go with it. Forks are felt and wheels are worksman with some thick spokes and a disk break hub laced to the front with hookworms, but maybe planning to change them to some...
  15. 16v4nrbrgr

    My first Motorized Bicycle, OCC Chopper custom street fighter!

    Hello, my name's Kyle and I'm new to motorbicycling. I've always thought small motorcycles, pit bikes, and mopeds were cool, and have ridden a lot of scooters at the race track to run errands and get around, and thought it would be fun to get into this hobby as a diversion from getting into...
  16. B

    new boardtrack project

    hello everyone! i am somewhat of a noob when it comes to board tracks but i love them so i decided to build one from the ground up.....hopefully. i searched google sketchup 3d warehouse under motorcycles and found a cool looking board track racer design. i have made all of the mesurements and im...
  17. IreBo

    BoFab Cycles Cafe build;1975 Silver Fox Motocross BMX

    1975 Silver Fox Motocross Well folks, I went to a vintage bicycle swap meet in Salinas CA. I was almost ready to leave when I asked a guy with a load of bikes in the back of his truck if I could see what he had. In the center of the pile I spotted something that caught my eye. could it be ...
  18. IreBo

    Handle Bar Exhaust?? YEP!!

    So i just wanted to share a trick I found . I ordered one of those little Banana expansion chambers for my Schwinn Clairmont and the thing was not going to fit. The angel was all wrong. So I cut each end off of the Banana. It is symmetrical so it does not matter what end is what. I cut my stock...
  19. Lurker

    Cobra Cycles Flat Track Racer

    I have been lurking on this site for almost a year or more now, and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing something from a new person. I bought one of those 4stroke kits and built a bike with that,(first photo) but soon got fed up with the lack of quality and how slow it was. So I...
  20. E

    New to motorized bicycle and mixte frame help?

    Hi i am new to this hobby. Last weekend i built a motorized bike with my cousin and it was so fun i had to get one. I have ordered one from I have my moms old cannondale mixte bicycle. i think it would look very cool and ride really well if i could mount it on this bike. The only...