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  • Hello! I've been watching your forums for a while now with care and have been working like many others on this schwinn stingray
    i have mounted a 86cc 4 stroke 4 gears motor and now have one k10 fork set from ebay in my possession because after reading all your posts and discussion didn't see any word of modification to the stem or fork unfortunatly the fork is lacking in stem size and wanted to see if you could help me in my engineering efforts to get these k10 forks to fit safely ?
    Kyle, can you add some high resolution picture's of your Raven Build.

    Most of the pic's show it to be very similar to a Cafe Racer style build, either way your build is amazing and I know you've put a lot of work into this build, your work on the build show's your attention to well every detail possible!

    Crazy Horse.
    yeah man. I bought my last batch at bmsbattery.com but there are other sources. Just search Headway Lifepo. Good luck!
    Hey! Good to see that you plan on getting racing going again. Let me know if you're really interested and I can see if I still have some connections. I think you should contact the Goped world and put on a race with them included. There are still a lot of Bay Area pedders around.
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