Motorized bicycle Lifan 125 Gear Ratio ?Chain?


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Nov 27, 2012
u.s virginia
Hey guys i have a 212 predator engine without the governor.... and gear ratio goes like
9-22-11-56 using the #410 or #415 i believe but since it is rated for 3600 rpm i don't rev more than 4300 rpm which gives me 26 mph

i want to upgrade it with the lifan 125cc 4 spd manual engine but i am worried about the chain type and the gear ratio i need to use...

would the chain i am using now fit an lifan engine... also it would be great if you could link me a lick to buy the lifan engines (cheaper)

Thanks a lot!!!! :-||


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Oct 28, 2010
Colonial Coast USA.
If it's a horizontal Lifan 125cc 4 spd/Honda CRF clone, then the engine sprocket/chain is 420 or even 428 and the engine's sprocket is splined:
Notice on your chain chart that 41 and 420 interchange. The 420 is a higher strength version of the 41. The 415 will not work. I am running 415 on the blue Lifan powered bike, but had forgotten its run from the jackshaft to the rear wheel. The primary drive on that one is belt.
The red 125cc bike runs a 41. 420 seemed overkill and posed some clearance problems.